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Sunday, December 26, 2010

From Twitter 12-26-2010

@AnnieDuke congratulations Annie! And lots of love. And merry Xmas. And all.
So @amandapalmer's Xmas video is a Labyrinth parody with an evil sock puppet and me in it. (WARNING it's very silly )
2 years on the Twitter. Well, that was fun, and as transient social networking media go, surprisingly long-lasting. Also all @wossy's fault.
@Kelly_McC sure. Come on by.
@bluemaiya I'm so glad they me each other.
@erictcarrasco Yes, he is.
A reminder - today is the last day before the price hike at @neverwear for the @jimleeoo "100 Words" print:
@KerrieJennifer Fair enough. How many Roller Girls will you send to replace her?
RT @Kelly_McC: Lola finds Narnia, or possibly just @neilhimself 's lamppost. Cool, either way.
@OctoberDaniels You must ask @neverwear, for they are hers not mine...
@FALI_ruizdavila Write.
@neverwear Does it go up at midnight tonight or at midnight tomorrow night? #confused
You can read the 100 Words poem for free at Neverwear. Order the print for $38 today , $50 after midnight PST on 27th
@Kelly_McC Running a bit late. So you know. Shoot for 8:45?

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