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Saturday, December 25, 2010

From Twitter 12-25-2010

@ricktimus best photo of the night. Thanks!
Just got the best Xmas present ever. Thankyou @cassandralong, you're an amazing artist. Thankyou @amandapalmer. I love you, schedule & all.
Blog written. Time to walk dogs & sleep. Suffused by sleepy joy. I hope you have a wonderful tomorrow. Well, later today, really. Wonderful.
RT @DerrenBrown: Blog post: Christmas: how to cheat at pulling crackers
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Twas the night before Christmas and all through the blog...: posted by ... WARNING:Contains me
@dillhero you are welcome. @Fablor needs to come back but you should keep the presents.
RT @britishlibrary: More here! RT @LonAitewalker: cheers to @neilhimself for link to Mervyn Peake's illustratio ...
@avandamanders you are welcome.
RT @julianwiddows: You kind of know you're hooked to the right person when you exchange the identical @neilhimself book on Christmas Day.
Present opening: the giant box still to go. Will it be a lamppost?
This afternoon I will head out into the woods and install it. Also, YES!
@BillTheScribe probably not.
@fairuza I will send photos Ru from the woods!
@ChiaLynn if you build it, they will come.

Photo by Mike. Present from My Family.

La... WARNING:Contains me
I am charging my lamppost. No, not like that. Shut up.
In lantern waste: @woodsmanhans and Lola show off the lamppost.
Snow Dogs.
@ohkayewhatever you are naked and vomiting rainbows. I hope this is good. - Cabal is on the left of the photo.
@pandagore good to know!
@AnthroPunk I'll see if there's anywhere nearish with one.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY The view from Lantern Waste: posted by Neil

Lola and the lamppost. It'... WARNING:Contains me
@phdaisy it's here!
My hitech FITBIT tells me I have taken no steps today, nor did I sleep last night. Am beginning to suspect it might be a bit rubbish.
@ticia42 it froze when it was really cold, and will again. But right now it's liquid.
Logged out, logged in again. It works once more. Have now walked 7,479 steps today. Which sounds a bit more likely. Thank you, Fitbit.
My favourite of the Dr Sketchy's Philly @Stoya as Death photos:
RT @FishWithSticks: I always assume the dog buried to its chest in snow/leaves/mud is Lola & the dog staring on with dignity intact is Cabal
@Matt_Troedson you are welcome.
@Kelly_McC there are snowshoes here...
@jason_t_minor good, isn't it?

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