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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Twitter 12-22-2010

RT @DaveMcKean: Oh sorry folks, here's the link to a wintry little song by me and @neilhimself -
@DaveMcKean It's beautiful! So glad you're collecting these...
@RachaelRossman Nope. Pick them up in a few days. She has a huge backlog of my stuff waiting until I was home. Will send you photos...
Should have mentioned that is by @LarryMarder.
@briolson which one?
@briolson Uh-huh.
Just got lost in this infinite digital poem. I flee, and leave only the link behind me:
@stuckstandard No. It drives you mad.
@Paul_Cornell I hope so. #fb
@JulBain brilliantly. is the correct link... hng on, will repost
If you're in the UK, read this Talk to your MP. It's shortsighted foolish & so wrong. Good luck @booktrust #booktrust
RT @pacrozier: @neilhimself RT @astrolisa: ... 8-Year-Olds Publish Scientific Bee Study:
Jason Nelson's Christmas disasters site: Ho. Ho. Argh.
@hollyherself You cannot steal my socks if I give you my socks #theparadoxoflove
RT @miss_mu: An important gift: Life. Register as a stem cell donor with @BeTheMatch (US) or (Can), give blood, or RT a ...
Secret backstage Dr Who videos by @coollike coming out, along with a Dr Who Xmas song:
@MsClara pack her warmly, and make sure she has enough food and drink for three days...
@budgie HE'S ENORMOUS! What happened?
@small_town I've been there. It is.
@MsClara is she a plant?
@MsClara ...oh. You meant hummus.
It's nearly Christmas. To get into the right mood, why don't you listen to a dance song about antipodean pubic hair?
@MsClara But I've already got the compost heap ready. I shall plant her feet down, unless the stuff on her head is roots. #humus
@Erastes it was lightning when it left my word processor...
@MsClara s'true.
@KerrieJennifer Me? Is that me? (@fablor @joanofdarkknits @janeirenrg @dillhero)
Best media apologies of the year:
I didn't think would #neilwebfail . I am a twit.... sorry all.
@CherylMorgan yay!
@KerrieJennifer I win! Look after @Fablor at Xmas...
My son, @mgaiman, home for Xmas, shows off his Nexus S. #joy #PhoneEnvy

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