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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

From Twitter 12-21-2010

@adoptanolddog yup.
@RantzHoseley Happies and Merries as well...
@AlinedeWinter thank you! You too...
There will be no lunar eclipse for me tonight. Nothing but freezing drizzle and snow and thick cloud cover. I hope you can see the eclipse.
RT @Arctic_Fox18: @neilhimself NASAs live feed for those with cloudy skies!
RT (Like a cross between Kittelson, Bauer & Gorey! On post-its) @Tekdiff: This man should be illustrating your stories.
@BadAstronomer I wish. Was just out peering at the sky, hopefully. Nothing but thick cloud. Well, and rain, and snow.
@hobodave sorry
The NEW SCIENTIST Flash Fiction competition... The Winner is Up, and 2 Runners up & 7 other stories to come:
Lunar Eclipse on NASA HDstream nice and clear over at (via @iamnovel)
@jhberges quite right. Kittelsen. #troll
@xMAdMx love, and waving.
@Budjette glorious!
I shall celebrate the festive season by playing @SarahKSilverman's "Give The Jew Girl Toys" over & over until people stop me. #BestXmasSongs
A link to the "Give Da Jew Girl Toys" @SarahKSilverman remix for you to play in your own home #BestXmasSongs
@pepsi_ice Which line?
@pepsi_ice I'd love to see it.
@kev_littlewing thank you! It was the best of medals...
RT @Booktrust: Booktrust has had notification from the Department for Education that funding for all our English bookgifting programmes ...
RT @Booktrust: This will affect Bookstart, Booktime and Booked Up in England. For our official statement, please go here:
@ohkayewhatever good luck! And I put up some new photos, and a whole new gallery as we'd filled the old one...
@ohkayewhatever Hope you travel safely and that @virginatlantic comes through for you.
@ohkayewhatever I'm glad. I've had great experiences with @virginatlantic.
@krysfox I love the smallness of the world on Twitter. One degree if separation from everything.
Over at @RAINN01 they'll match donations until Dec 31st. Do good! (Do it in someone's name as a gift!) (& please RT)
@fhionn remind me. Which one?
RT @notintheseshoes:EMERGENCY...what was that massive comic compendium you were tweeting about weeks ago? Must. Buy.
Sad article about Comic Relief: And the moral is MAKE A WILL. And make it FINDABLE: Read this:
@Tchy looking for information on this online and not finding anything. Can you give me some links to Rainn refusing to help trans people?
@mjheiser take your pride where you can find it!
@shadesfox That was from Dec 31st last year. I wonder what this year's icon will bring.
The world is sheathed with ice today.
@ayeletw @amandapalmer I think princess. Or, obviously, British policewoman kissogram costume.
A photo of a highly respectable ?m?a?r?s?h ?w?i?g?g?l?e author in a monkey hat in the snow with a red nose.
That was meant to say ̶m̶a̶r̶s̶h ̶w̶i̶g̶g̶l̶e. But apparently you can't do that through WhoSay. Pity.
@Nicap there's about 1/5 million words on the blog at about it....
@ToshiroSan me too.
@Steves_Minty exactly!
@Ginnna I do. but WhoSay isn't up on android yet.
RT Oh. My Lor'. Olga... That's... @olganunes: @neilhimself you are also a sock puppet in a monkey hat. #coldoutsideTV
@Julirose That's odd. Did you click on ? What happened?
@_PBJ_ I think it's about 70,000 words.
@Ginnna It's not an Android thing.
@ayeletw @amandapalmer I believe steampunk queen is lots of brown +a flying helmet & goggles. Goth princess is Princess in Black. #loverosie
@Ginnna You're confused. That one I put up through the computer. Normally pix go in to Twitpic via email. #clearlydenseGina
Stop what you're doing and watch @Olganunes & @Allanamato sockpuppets sing with @lauriepink costumes. #Geekiconwin
RT The YouTube link is @olganunes: And you can download your own puppet costumes here: ;)
@StellaStarlight one and the same!
At the framer's...
@allanamato sock karaoke? Sir, you're a Sock Crooner.
RT @bootiemashup: @neilhimself @SarahKSilverman APlusD here, thanx 4 tweetn our Give Da Jew Girl Toys mashup! Directlink http://BootieMa ...
@bootiemashup retweeted to the world! Can't wait to see what else is on there!
@Boursin they hive in their hives and vibrate gently, to keep warm...
@mistressmousey I feel this is Olga's obligation....
@amyzabinski ahhh....
@RobotDinosaurz Tom Baker.
@amandapalmer - Small, goofy, wistful smile from this corner...
@3amepiphany And everyone is happy!
@bootiemashup @krysfox Brilliant. Playing the Very Bootie Xmas now. It's great!
@gimelresh I think @amandapalmer looks more like a sexier version of Captain Airstrip One...

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