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Thursday, December 23, 2010

From Twitter 12-23-2010

@beezerbub I think that was what she was worried about, yes.
@gotawesome then have the very happiest of birthdays.
@nataliefisher You're welcome...
@JanineHJones I watched Amazed you got @coollike to go along with your "runner" story. He must know the truth?
If you're stuck for a present for a true comics fan, you have 17 hours & 45 minutes to order them this for Xmas:
@nataliefisher of course!
@michaelsheen We wish you a figgy puddin, we wish you a figgy puddin, we wish you a figgy puddin what the hell is a figgy puddin? #newcarols
RT @pcraigrussell: @neilhimself It's a Christmas Miracle! Free comics!
@Paul_Cornell Er. It's not a dime. It's a penny. #Batneepery @chebutykin @ChrisJonesArt
@Paul_Cornell You are a good writer. Also, he would start up the mechanical dinosaur accidentally on purpose.
@Paul_Cornell The Doctor and Deadman would be a fun teamup. We've already sort of had too many Dr + Swamp Thing crossovers.
Is that the time? and I'm still up and writing? Why didn't any of you tell me! #buggerbuggerbuggerbuggerbugger
@amandapalmer But they made one of the top 25 albums of 2010, per Be kind to them...
Two Hours and 38 Minutes to go, if anyone wants to get as an Xmas gift. Or you could nip in to your local comic shop.
@AcheronHades thank you!
@RafaelCCordeiro probably Brazilian. There are a few countries where it was split into two books.
@warrenellis and you complain that they think *I'm* the nice one. I almost never kill everyone at Xmas.
@warrenellis I nibble swans & I nibble them NICELY. I'm sure they like it. Better than training them to be my personal swan vengeance troop.
Good News: Cabal doesn't have a new growth on his spine+operation. Bad news: they don't know what's wrong with him. I'll take the good news.
I really enjoyed @bruces blog about Wikileaks, Assange, & what it all means from a vaguely SF perspective. (YrMiMaVary)
@lisajanepersky thank you!
So placebos may work even if you're told that you're being given a placebo? #placebodacious
@gonzomehum But if that were the case, then people who are not given sugar pills would get better at the same rate as people who are.
@FiendAngelical Do it! Someone on Twitter must have/ will have invented the Time Machine any second #Placebodacious

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