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Monday, December 20, 2010

From Twitter 12-20-2010

@StatonElisabet Where do you get this "most troops won't fight statistic from. Even John McCain only claimed it was a tiny percentage.
@RiotpoofFairy Probably. If you find me. And I am sure I will not be hard to find.
@StatonElisabet And you realise that these are the same people they are fighting beside right now. Who aren't telling anyone they're gay.
@amandapalmer I was astonished when I finally read the lyrics to discover there were no labia in #mapoftasmania at all. @tigger89
There are five free short stories up on my website: Enjoy. #HoHoHo
RT It was STORMWINDS by @Fairuza. Beautiful, haunting song. @davethemusicfan: Hi Neil :) What was the last song you downloaded on iTunes?
@omewan james branch cabell...
@yeahfrancesyeah No. Oh all right. W00t.
Right. Off to bed. It's a perfectly nice bed, it just lacks things, like @AmandaPalmer & a magic bedknob. That wasn't dirty in my head. Damn
RT @Zoe_MM: Picture book by @neilhimself tops LibraryThing list of highest-rated 2010 books #bestoftheyear (@librar ...
@Prinia No. I'm entirely imaginary. But I was entirely imaginary when I cowrote GOOD OMENS as well.
Happy Birthday to Michael Zulli! Go and look at his art over at He is not on the Twitter. He is painting instead.
RT (as I'll be there) @dresdendolls shows in SAN DIEGO 12/30 & SAN FRAN 12/31 almost sold out
Just watched @thatkevinsmith do an amazing Twitter-rant about ideas and art and dreams and making stuff happen. Read it if you don't follow.
I just got to listen to PRI's show about Fairy Tales, with me & Salman Rushdie & As Byatt. Really good stuff:
@Joannechocolat @hprw @taniahershman My favourite was "We LOVED IT! Sorry we cannot send your copy back as SOMEONE TOOK IT! FABULOUS! NQRFU"
@Joannechocolat @hprw @taniahershman NQRFU = Not Quite Right For Us.
@petehendrick and not just a few Awards, but scads of them. Now being reissued as a Modern Classic. You were wise to resist.
@kierstenwhite it's going to be all over again...
Over at @kierstenwhite's twitfeed, the possibility of California Sinking has been replaced by discussion of #Aquaman!
@kierstenwhite Short Purple Skirts tell Aqauaman Who To Rescue First. Because you, um, look more like a fish or something.
Snow. Snow snow snow snow snow. Snow. Snow. * . *. * .* .*****~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Snow. Yargh. Snow. #MoreBloodySnow
@haletheroses I drew especially cool moons in Stardust.
@LJGhost Awesome, isn't it?
@kierstenwhite He would like that. #fishylips #Aquaman!
@MitchBenn 2 inches. Mitch, what we wouldn't give here for just 2 inches. 2 inches. You can walk the dog without digging paths in 2 inches.
@MitchBenn DAMN YOU MITCH BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......... #ThusHeWins
Just looked at weather. Noticed that where it said SNOW for today, it says ICE PELLETS for tomorrow. Suddenly, SNOW sounds sort of friendly.
That fiend in human form @mitchbenn won an award! For a song that I helped plug! #WeAllWin
@kierstenwhite These were the best #fishylips in comics. For the record:
@justkristin I don't think I'm going to be there long enough, either time. Maybe when I'm out for WORLD FANTASY though.
RT sometimes it feels like that @LuckyBestWash: Wednesday says FROZEN BLADES. Thursday you can expect GLACIAL TREBUCHET
RT @BillCorbett: Wednesday: SLEET DAGGERS.
@NJRae begin with PRELUDES & NOCTURNES or ABSOLUTE SANDMAN #1. But really, you can start anywhere in the 1st 7 books.
@MsClara No. No, it's fine. I will just keep on at this writing lark, and envy @mitchbenn his award.
@MsClara cutest child IN THE UNIVERSE.
@oryskid You will make @DaveMckean and family happy. Those really were the best chocolate truffles I've ever had.
@cuorediargento well done!
Nakedly commercial post: you can pick out something from here - - and then get it from your local book/comic shop.
@casejona then buy something by someone else. Have you read all of @JSCarroll's books? Or @GreatDismal's?
@paulandstorm give me time!
From STORIES, now a radio drama: Kurt Andersen's "Human Intelligence: A Holiday Tale": #hohoho
RT @KBAndersen: A short story I wrote for @Neilhimself (Gaiman) has morphed into "audio cinema" for @Studio360show. You can listen: http ...
I do not just love White German Shepherds because I have accumulated two of them. Maybe I do. But this as well:

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