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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From Twitter 12-15-2010

@dwighttoronto36 glad to have helped.
@RebeccaPalsha wonderful!
It's -22F (-30C). In the woods branches snap loudly from the cold, with a bang. My dogs start to bark, convinced the ice giants are coming.
@FunnyHatSyd I don't think so. He went deeper into the woods. Turned up every few days, then every few weeks, then about once a month...
@recycledcans lovely!
@oodkind I have a weird microclimate. It was -15 here earlier today, and -4 at the nearest house to us...
RT On the trees.They go off like gunshots @Colierrannd:...I never thought about branches being loud when they snap. Are these on the ground?
@Kyoton try Dreamhavenbooks
@nataliefisher Not really, no. It's unpleasantly cold through layers of insulated stuff.
RT yup. But now we have told the world. @kcdyer: You know it's the sap expanding as it freezes, right? #canadianwintersmarts
@ferretthimself it works with boiling water too....
@dampscribbler could be. It's set in the Mediterranean too. Warm there.
@Y_Incision Few are prepared to walk the road of knowledge to become a full-fledged bat-trainer. For the way will be hard. And, um, stuff.
@Keffy you and @ferretthimself should come here tonight. I entertained the documentary crew with the trick...
@KimBoekbinder Not yet. but I just downloaded the whole thing...
@dryfoo no-one can ever be sure where Ice Giants are concerned.
@BevVincent all the finalists were excellent ..
@ruthbeingruth I am impressed #GeekGirl #BoobieWed
RT just this once @JessicaDwyer: would you RT for a sick doggie Help Noel this Christmas
Too cold to walk outside. Have dusted off the Wii & found the WiiFit disk. Hope the people in it are not too rude to me about my time away.
@kbeilz it did!
@JoanofDarkKnits i was working up to it. Still have to unwrap it.
@DannCastellanos I did! It's brilliant.
@Nick_Svoboda many times. And blogged it too.
Pat Rothfuss has announced What I Donated to this year's worldbuilders auction. (& the story that follows is wonderful)
@feyrer I drink.
@cassandraneace thanks so much for supporting the good causes!
Somebody wants to make a CBLDF donation. She's putting up her beloved SANDMAN leather jacket on eBay:
@cmainer Hi. By the way.
@rayhill I passed the message on to her.
@BenGallaty I expect so. @fablor or @neverwear may be able to help.
My old friend @PollySamson's son Charlie is in a bit of trouble. I last saw him when he was 5, but wish him well:

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