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Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Twitter 12-16-2010

@BawdyMonkey I tend to hit and go on from there....
Writing a story . Do not want to say anything at all about it in case I jinx it. But I am enjoying it so far.
@lemegeton nope.
@flixnut1 A Scribent pen that the lovely @amandapalmer bought me for my birthday.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY I have Mythological Dimensions. You cannot see them, but they are there... WARNING:Contains me
I flew 146,933 miles this year. Too much. My early New Year's Resolution is NOT to fly enough in 2011 to get Delta Diamond Status again.
@AbadGmz there's a story called MONARCH OF THE GLEN in a book called Fragile Things. & Mr Nancy shows up in ANANSI BOYS.
@MortenElster 96.8 per
@oscarfeliciano I do.
@fauxparse I make it about 12 days in the air.
@TheRealCanaLee nope. Bloody Picasa. Thanks for letting me know.
@MarcusRomer I'd love to see one but I believe the rights are held by the people who bought the film rights.
@Katerpult 96.4 trees to plant thus year.
@poodlemaster nothing. That they admit to.
@MarcusRomer good luck.
@RoxyGyn I write. I know, I can't figure it out either.
@muaddib334 I was in the Czech Republic in early May. In Prague. I even signed things. You were not paying attention.
@mollydot the thing that I find disturbing is the people on Twitter, upset about it, using words like "sacred" and "sacreligious".
@vampandora No. Everyone else figured it out way before us.
Lovely interview with Laura Fraser, who was just a baby when she did Neverwhere:
A beehive in winter
@cssss900 Did you try googling it? is the second result.
Go off Twitter for the afternoon, get back & find @warrenellis is trying to out me as a member of the Royal Family. (
@lauriepink - Sadly, it can be like that on a sunny day that's cold, when they fly out and freeze...
@hisnomdeplume Write something else.
I'd never seen the photo Amanda put up at - the only time I smiled on that very bad, very long, blueberry girl day.
oops. I think I just #neilwebfailed the site. You can read the story & see the sad photo at (the myspace mirror).
@amandapalmer darling, I think I just crashed your blog. I am sorry.
Late this wintry afternoon. I kept expecting to see a streetlamp in the woods.
@andreabakes I don't think we have to worry about ticks at 6F #Lyme

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