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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Twitter 12-14-2010

Writing. Baby, it's cold outside.
I know. It will get colder. But still...
Still dropping. See number at the bottom.
Dear people letting me know that 18F is not cold. You missed the minus sign.
@JulyFlame but it's 20 to 40 degrees warmer in Finland...
Still dropping. Now minus 20.1F (minus 29 C) and I'm heading back to the gazebo to work. Brr.
Before I went to work I poured boiling water into a cup, went outside, threw it & watched it evaporate into steam & powder. #reindeergames
@CynthVonBuhler you are so lovely. Thank you!
@abycats I wish it was.
@leifnixon look at the photo more closely.
@Dizzlski I hope so.
@UpperClassTwitr me.
@jelundberg I tried filming it and decided it's something you need someone else there to do the filming...
RT yup. Me too. @mattjohns: Thought that @neilhimself's Study in Emerald WAS fanfic.
@StrigExLibris there are two excellent GOOD OMENS audio books out...
Time for bed. The digital thermometer just gave up and went off-line at 21 below zero F (-30 C) and frankly I do not blame it
@Joannechocolat pretending I'm a character in a gothic novel is not something that would ever get me out of bed. #hideundertheblankets
RT @JSCarroll: “There is no truth. There is only perception."
Gustave Flaubert
@FakeKansan I nearly went to bed.
Last post of the night. Here's someone doing the boiling water trick for YouTube, so I don't have to:
@bengoldacre yup. Utter and complete cock.
RT Why I adore Suw. @Suw: have you thought about perhaps bringing your gazebo inside for the winter?
@omewan Honestly? Yup.
@Ginnna THIS. THIS is the last post of the night.
RT @petfinder: We created #tweetapettues to get the word out there re: the millions of adoptable pets that need homes. Pls help. Rt today.
RT @paulandstorm: #JoCoCruiseCrazy schedule posted! Calendar/agenda view: Detailed descriptions:
@KimBoekbinder I found the lyrics for Desmond is My Pony.
@girl_noir I wouldn't disabuse you. Some people read the whole story and never notice.
@warrenellis Congratulations on the Golden Globe nom! If you go to the awards, @amandapalmer can give you red carpet dress & style tips.
@matociquala Well, yes.
@warrenellis You think people hope, but don't put it to an internet vote: they'll be snapping your frilly-black-knicker-change in no time.
Hello world. Today I will write things, and be interviewed for a documentary. But they are coming here. The temperature remains cold.
@warrenellis remember, rubber flesh-coloured nipple-covers are your friends.
Input, suggestions, thoughts about the Arthur C Clarke Award? Go to
This blog entry by @birdchick (my co-beekeeper) on Clothianidin deserves RTing:
A little more clarification, background and info on my @CBLDF tweet from yesterday (but just a little):
@TheRealHeatherG in a book called FRAGILE THINGS.
@faxpaladin Not Don Quixote fanfic?
Raintaxi magazine has an amazing benefit auction going on right now. More signed 1st editions than you could hope for:
@faxpaladin What would your exact definition of fandom be, for that?
@RincewindTVD In seven drawings? You must ask @scottmccloud who actually shot that man...
@UberChannels But I thought the joy of Twitter was the complete lack of instructions.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Cats in the Sauna and Boiling Water Tricks: posted by Neil

The dogs ar... WARNING:Contains me
@JoanofDarkKnits @Kelly_McC she has mellowed. She sent @fablor to hospital in her glory days.
@zoeboekbinder she trains people fast and well, doesn't she?
@faxpaladin The BSI goes back to 1934 - I assume that there were fan groups before that (including SF fandom)
@rsknitting except at 40 below. When it's the same thing.
@Pares_in_Paris it says the Sydney date on there twice... read it again...
You could put together an anthoogy of stories of what happens in & none of them would be about the same thing.
@lizmacgregor I just googled. There's also a cheap, unsigned version:
@MoosePanties It is just like an anthology, but without an l.
I am really enjoying Matthew Cheney's SANDMAN essays.1 per issue, read in order. He's reached SEASON OF MISTS
Also on earlier YouTube tweet. Please print it out, and in the word "anthoogy" pencil in an L, making it into "anthology". Thank you.
@maddyg44 I tweet twice as much for both of us. Also, it's cold out.
@TheShadowCat1 Getting there, but no. Her white kittens were both stone deaf though.
@DeronArts <g>
@KatWithSword you could co-edit it too. You don't have enough to do.

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