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Monday, December 13, 2010

From Twitter 12-13-2010

@johnmierau until I'm done. Er 11:40 tonight, but I'm knocking off early.
@chaosfdl they are my favourites of @docbrite's books.
@DH_Jin not vastly, no.
Back to the house. Out of snowsuit. Realised I left the heater on in the gazebo. It is minus 25 C. Decided I am prewarming it for tomorrow.
Lots of people asking me what they should read of mine first or next. I do not know. There is a lot to choose from:
RT (actually a "which Neil Gaiman Book Are You?" quiz) @olganunes typed in "neil gaiman what book should I read quiz":
RT @SFBayBridge: @neilhimself I like that you did a comic about Emperor Norton! Nobody asks me for recs, though, because who would think ...
@Johnny_Pistols it'll be out a year after hardback...
Some amazing House on the Rock photos by the wonderful @pixievision at #HOTR #AmericanGods
Big plug for @chezpim's glorious jams (I have EATEN THEM. They really are that good)
@Maudelynn "Wake Up ANd Make Love With Me" by Ian Dury. First thing in the morning.
@QuasiWallflower I do not know. It is not my quiz.
Here's @darenwang on How The Idea Of Authors Signing Cars started with him:
On @CBLDF Board of Directors call. Just learning about Customs officers confiscating computers because they didn't like the comics on them.
Frank Miller's SIGNED, STAINED Drawing chair! The one he drew Dark Knight & 300 at... #perfectgeekxmasgifts
#youreanSFfanif You wonder whether Julian Assange is into the Stainless Steel Rat:
@wilw Documented going from the US into Canada, and reportedly people coming into the US.
@illuminique Seems unlikely that someone would fake a profile in 2006
@mgpcoe files...
At SDCC last year @davidmackkabuki @terrymoore & @helmetgirl all sketched @amandapalmer. Now on @CBLDF ebay #ForCharity
RT Happy to! @ChickenStreet: Any chance of an RT for @highlandcrofter 's Saving Rare Breeds charity animal sponsorship -
@LaurelSnyder things always go out of print. I have boxes of cassette & Mp3 audio books in the basement.
@Cavalorn love to Lucy.
@highlandcrofter Happy to help.
A Laugh-Out-Loud Cats classic moment.
@housetoastonish One of my favourite places.
Best t shirt ever.
RT @fastcompany: Beekeeper Who Leaked EPA Documents: "I Don't Think We Can Survive This Winter" - (cc @neilhimself)
The "what are you doing in my falafel?" t-shirt was a birthday gift from @lotuselyse & Elise Howard (she of fame)
Just learned there is STUDY IN EMERALD fanfic. I won't ever read it, just in case, but this is still awesomenessness.
The Holmes/Lovecraft story A STUDY IN EMERALD, (Free) from my website: For the puzzled.
@T_Lawson perhaps, yes.
RT good lord @harperchick: more fanfic
@RevellWriting they did. I loved them and picked a winner and some runners up and it was HARD.
@mr_malloy oh good. Remind me to send the shop a signed photo of me in The Hat. @fablor @neverwear...
@DoctorVTweets No, I'm just discovering fanfic based on a specific short story. The novels & comics they've been fanficcing for 23 yrs.
@reposlut I won't. It's safer that way.
@Daph_Punk oh good! Next time I have to do one for your friend.
@MitchBenn because you never know. I might want to do more. Also I have a great idea for a song for you. #thatlastsentenceisalie
@Kittersplat oh God.

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