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Sunday, December 12, 2010

From Twitter 12-12-2010

@Trophman No. I'm a writer.
@BFFan I used Google, and was there in two words and a click...
@lifeofrinn I'm relieved.
The wind is now howling. Tain't fit night out for man nor beast, if you wondering. #properblizzard
@fairytalevegas (re: that's wonderful.
RT @amandapalmer: RT! get #TRISTAN's debut album, featuring (and produced by) me, NOW on @8ftrecords/@bandcamp:
@electriclover91 alas.
@TheAlucinaut Episode 1 of Season 5 isn't a bad starting point. Or show her Blink, Girl in Fireplace, Dalek, Human Nature...
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Snow and Smodcasts: posted by Neil

Since you asked, yes, it's still sn... WARNING:Contains me
I said that was fantastic & worth every penny. Look: a review that says the same thing:
@shullieq I think the first two graphic novels and Amano's DREAM HUNTERS were translated...
@shullieq Does this help? and
@ordinaryobjects it looks like a painting!
A glorious bright COLD snowcovered REALLY BLOODY COLD morning. Lola wants to sprawl outside on the snowmounds. I want to be in Hawaii. #COLD
@JoshAmbrose Isn't it explained in the script notes to Dream Country? If not you must wait until @lklinger's annotated Sandman to learn all.
@LoveHGSS About 20 inches.
@stevenmitchellw That would be nice too. #HOT
In Boston? Learn about #Tristan: (& the Tristan & @amandamapalmer gig toninght at Berklee is )
@LoveHGSS I kept shoveling last night. And this morning the snowploughs came out to clear the drive...
Have I mentioned that I wrote the introduction to SIMON & KIRBY SUPERHEROES? I don't think I did. A huge book:
@Mikikona Nope. I came out in August of 92..
A mystery: on it has a picture of James Simon. Who is he? What has he written? And why is his pic on Joe Simon's page?
Ah. Figured it out. It's Joe Simon's son Jim, who did a forward but isn't listed by Amazon up top. As you were.
@zeldawilliams You're a #witch in a cartoon? Zelda, you've MADE IT.
More news on the bee die-off? this from a leaked EPA report - #bees
@zeldawilliams good luck!
@wishingbee I do -- seven hives going into the winter...
Look! @docbrite's LOST SOULS just out as an audiobook.
Hunting for notebook containing (something I need to type) just found lost first 8 pages of next Odd book! Hurrah!
@JackieKessler Make tea. THen write something else and come back to it later.
@MaryHutcheon Anansi Boys, perhaps? Or SANDMAN?
@tjcrowley Sunday afternoon is a good time to post things like that and avoid the potential for a #neilwebfail
RT @steven_moffat: I'd like to wish a warm and lovely Christmas to absolutely everyone on here. Unless you make Christmas tree lights, ...
@clarissawam How did I miss My Videos? Sigh. Thanks for next time...
RT @wilw: @neilhimself Lola bounding through the snow is my favorite thing I've seen all week, and I watched INCEPTION last night.
RT @ErinJSearfus: Can a #musical cure #cancer? Find out on Jan 4. #CoralineforaCure @SfPlayhouse @neilhimself
@talkwordy fine by me...
@wilw It's pretty amazing in the flesh too. Sort of like a snow dolphin.
@squashpotash No, just surrounded by it.
Posted without comment - a call for papers:
@celticorca why not order one and find out?
@JackieKessler I'm so glad!
Dinner eaten. Back down the bottom of the garden to the Ice-Gazebo, to work...

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