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Saturday, December 11, 2010

From Twitter 12-11-2010

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY In Which John Cameron Mitchell Meets Girls At Parties...: posted by Nei... WARNING:Contains me
@joshohfour No, it's only 10:30 here.
@jupitusphillip Europa Hotel, Belfast; avoid under all and any circumstances. Got it. Will do.
RT @marjoriemliu: This is hilarious and strange. Oh, Amazon. What else do you sell? (the reviews are half the ...
@jupitusphillip Me? Giggling at your plight? Would I do that? Er... I'm really enjoying Good Morning Nantwich, he said hastily. #reallyIam
@jupitusphillip I like the philosophy of radio, and the song lists at the ends of chapters.
@jupitusphillip I think it helps that I first met you on your Radio 6 show, and loved being an interviewee. You made it easy.
@christinewetz @jupitusphillip Yes. We all know each other. Except for @StephenFry. None of us have actually met him. He may be a hologram.
@jupitusphillip You're right. GLR was first. Didn't it have a paper on the wall with instructions about what to do when the Queen Mum died?
@WoodsmanHans @birdchick the honey was AMAZING.
It's the caption that makes this perfectly perfect: (via @Killerlashes)
A bit of a #CIAfail going on here?
@dharmamoose it's not a job. More of a vocation. @amandapalmer
@JennaBusch Glad you enjoyed it!
Apparently 2 feet of snow may fall here in the next 24 hours. Grumble. I post this, & hear the sound of people in warm places snickering.
@kierstenwhite yup. Snickering. Have a wonderful time at the beach.
@nataliefisher - ...carry a Bowie knife?
@phdaisy Just hoping that your need to show real snowman/sleddy snow to the BFF may keep the snow away...
"Tain't fit night out for man or beast!" Actually it's beautiful. I just went for a run with the dogs through the snowstorm. Magic.
@Sarahisinsane You must learn to be proud of your pedentry. Own it. Glory in it. Do not begin by saying "sorry to be pedantic."
@Sarahisinsane Too late. I sent the re-copyedited mss off yesterday. You'll have to wait until the 25th anniversary edition.
"Tain't fit night out for man nor beast!" It's all explained at
@hollyherself hope today is better. #piesarenice
Can it be? @budgie has done it again...
Lola loves #snowpocalypse. Cabal sighs and comes back inside.
White German Shepherds are not quite polar bears. But still...
@WoodsmanHans I will look for them!
RT @ICAinBOSTON: $8 discount tix for Amanda Palmer concert tmw at Berklee. Use code "wonderland"
UK people, @raliel needs "empty marmite or vegemite pots... for making Black Death sculptures?" ie
I just uploaded a snowdogs video. Waiting for it, I looked at what I've put up over the years. Panda-sitting:
And then there's a YouTube video of me Bat-training. With a real Bat.
Oops. I'll try and fix the settings. SOrry...
Pulled the blog down while I re-upload the video to YouTube. Sorry about this. Talk amongst yourselves.
While we are waiting, you could go and look at @fablor's photo stream. She appears to be having a hot-tub party in a blizzard.
@clarissawam You would think.
Right. I've posted a blog, and it has a small video of bouncing snowdog (& walking grumpy dog). #ridiculouslycute
@GeekMommaT 18 per weather underground...
@atgm613 not yet.
@MaryHutcheon yes and yes.
@ohkayewhatever He's having trouble with stairs, but he's wonderful.
@BadWolfLil mostly you could just hear the wind crackling in the phone microphone.
@mollydot oh good.
@WoodsmanHans I shoveled the path to the back door, and I shoveled next-door's path to the front door...
@HappyTwilighter almost definitely not, I'm afraid. 2013 for sure...
@MamaDeeinTN Either 1880 or 1900, depending on who you believe.
@WoodsmanHans Oh, no, I enjoyed it. Also snow-shoed around making paths.
I put on snowshoes and went for a stroll with the dogs. Came back exhausted in every cell. I will do it again tomorrow. #snowshoesargh
@stafinois nope. The wind's picking up. - The first time I wore snowshoes almost two years ago.

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