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Friday, December 10, 2010

From Twitter 12-10-2010

Today's TALK OF THE NATION - BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2010 The Amazon link is : The Indiebound link:
@MystiquePai You may also want to avoid the Sandman story A DREAM OF A THOUSAND CATS, then.
@SFPlayhouse are you allowed to do that?
@amandapalmer Iron and Wine and Cheesecake #fatindiebands
@kaligrrrl Really? I took it as a hashtag meme about food and indie bands.
@kaligrrrl I'm really sorry.
This is me, acting with Simon Jones (in NY) for @EllenKushner's Witches of Lublin. Apparently I act with my hands....
@wicker_basket sorry
RT @ArchiveAtBBC: A gallery featuring the people who created Doctor Who #bbcarchive
@ivyratafia Really? That's wonderful Ivy! Is this the JoCo cruise, or a different one?
@ivyratafia A very good idea. Nothing terrible will happen. The Ivy Cruise Jinx will be broken. It won't be like this:!
@fablor You are in the blog I just wrote. Also, get rest.
This time-lapse video is pure happiness and wonder: (via @DerrenBrown)
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Things that go Bump in the Night and other dangerous nighttime problems... WARNING:Contains me
RT @HarperChildrens: Can you summarize The #GraveyardBook by @neilhimself in one tweet? Use the hashtag #graveyardbook and show us your ...
RT @NeilInnes: A very special holiday message - & a free d/l of "Dear Father Christmas" - now on Plea ...
The 3rd (& last) Smodcast is up! I do "Being an Experiment", then @amandapalmer, @thatkevinsmith give you American Gods
Check out the @NeilInnes site for free song. (Did you know The Rutles song CHEESE & ONIONS is my ringtone?)
RT Why not? @dantelfer:I know you'd hate to play favorites but if you could help my library Morton Grove win this 10K..
@lbc42a the blog posts go out automatically, and it can be few hours after they were written...
My scary goddaughter, @Hayleycampbelly, is now blogging. The Great Wall of Vagina: Hayley and 359 plaster vulvas
RT @amandapalmer: my show with #TRISTAN on sunday at @BerkleeCollege will be my last boston/east coast show for MONTHS. we're playing to ...
Big #FF plug for @mamaiscomic, Heather Dowdee, who I learned about yetsreday on NPR's @TOTN... Wonderful comics about mothery things...
@AliKira I do not know. You must ask @kenplume...
RT @MaryRobinette: Here's my intial concept sketch for Thor's head for a production of @neilhimself's Odd and the Frost Giants http://is ...
I just learned that Instructions is a GoodReads nominee for Best Picture Book. Hurrah!
@dcawley Should I stop doing radio, then?
The truth about John Cameron Mitchell and girls at parties:
Sundance description of @ThatKevinSmith's RED STATE at . It really IS that good.
RT @ErinJSearfus: @neilhimself Love the musical version of your novel @SFPlayhouse. Have you heard we're using the show to help cure can ...
@amandapalmer Wow. Also, Lor'. And Ooh. And no, I had no idea.
@GarethLewin Lenny's read of my books is better than mine, but I'm proud of my reads of Stardust, neverwhere & The Graveyard Book
@GarethLewin Also, Stephen King's read of BAG OF BONES is one of my favourite audio books...
@amandapalmer - I do not only love you because you are beautiful, in colour and upside down. #butyouareallthree
For those of you curious, here's the text & a free audio download of HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES:
@wilw If you check out the text page, there are three Jouni illustrations too, one of each of the girls.
Talking John Cameron Mitchell, he made a wonderful short film for DIOR with Russell Tovey & Sir Ian Mckellen -
If you're in San Francisco and a student, @SFplayhouse has a cheap ticket to the CORALINE musical for you
@KaH_was_taken love the expression on her face...

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