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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From Twitter 12-08-2010

@jennywithanIE Oddly enough the bit that clarified that was one of the bits cut out in the 2001 edit. It's back in this one.
RT 19 out of 20. I missed Breschau of Livonia. (Sorry Breschau.) @Boblearned: How many did you get right?
@shorehaven110 All of them (except Breschau).
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY The Dog Ate My Homework.: posted by Neil

Actually my homework is prett... WARNING:Contains me
@amandapalmer You don't?
@amandapalmer - Rosie is a wonder. When I get a TARDIS of my own, we'll go adventuring. PS the thing is a monster
Just read this from Assange's barrister in London: Bad Sweden, if true (and is very consistent...)
@amandapalmer you should twitter the @OracularOrb for magical answers to all things. It knows all.
RT See? It is Oracular. @OracularOrb: @neilhimself: You were the first.
@amandapalmer how can you be chained by the future? Futures are things you make up as you go along. I think.
@olganunes Nope. I am copyediting. Sleep when I finish.
@FINNANJ exactly. And if even the Mail can't get any more out the case than that, then I'm inclined to believe the barrister.
@olganunes oh. Right.
@onomatopoetry Well sure. And he seems to have behaved like a complete and utter shit throughout.
It is too cold outside to walk the dogs. And this winter is only just starting. To whom does one complain? #grumblyauthor
A FREE AUDIOBOOK of short stories by @doctorow read by @WilW and lots of folk (I read one!) #WithALittleHelp
@JoeC2879 Oh, the dogs are huge white german shepherds. They LOVE the cold. It's me that hates it.
RT @ThatKevinSmith: STARFUCKING Chap.2 is up! Listen for free or buy! Hear @AmandaPalmer rock out with ...
RT @TONYFINGHARRIS: The CBLDF auction for @neilhimself and my collaboration is up for the original art
@Limeshy a cool project all around.
RT @MayorSara: @neilhimself Coraline Blu-Ray gift box is the "Gold Box" deal on Amazon for the next 3+ hours. (59% off) http://tinyurl.c ...
@raliel no but Terry Pratchett did.
@EuclidianBoxes 1,2 or 3
@StevenGould vegetables do not feel the cold. (Tries to remember what swedes are called in the US ).
RT @RickKleffel: Check the Agony Column Archives for commentary and interviews with @neilhimself Gaimen, @MargaretAtwood, @MollieKatzen ...
@PsychicOzma Of course. Black Books is also useful information for How to Play the Piano and Swallowing Books. Ask @glinner.
RT @apitlyk:Check out thoughtful critiques of media coverage of Assange's case: &
Part 2 of St*rf*cking is up: A micro @amandapalmer gig (includes "I Google You"). Listen for free, download #forCharity
@Smileybonex they ran it by me, and we talked, but no, it's there's. Some of my dialogue is me though.
@matthewebel I show it to people when it's done in first draft for feedback.
@CastNuri I think the nature of the web is such that things like WIkileaks will continue, & governments/corporations will learn to cope.
@hayleycampbelly has anyone ever told you how much like Emma Peel you look with a crossbow?
RT @Jodyth: @neilhimself YALSA is trying to get books into the hands of teens starting here Could you let people ...
@hayleycampbelly did I ever tell you my odd story of the Neverwhere night with Alice Cooper, Albert Finney and the very drunk Diana Rigg?
@hayleycampbelly I wonder if her hands dislike her as much as everyone does?
@hayleycampbelly I shall save it up for my anecdotage, or the next time we have dinner and you remind me.
The @cbldf has the last signed prints of IN REILIG ORAN left for sale at (& the original art at )
@JanineHJones you can't keep claiming to be "a runner on Dr Who' Janine. Eventually the truth will come out & the rubber masks come off.
Also @Cbldf are eBaying this piece of classic Dave Sim glorious 1st Amendment original art from FREE SPEECHES in '98
@JanineHJones Your secret is safe with me.
@JanineHJones I brought the TARDIS back, didn't I?
Remember, you can listen to/watch me read the whole of the Graveyard Book for FREE at (Please RT)
@JanineHJones I will not say another word. "Runner". Yup, that's a good one #supremecommander
@stuffyngpplrd I expect so.
@bettymusic I already loved you three, but now I love you more.
RT: (great photos of @thatKevinSmith & me with the world's most beautiful photographer's assistant) @ulorin_vex:
@ulorin_vex @olganunes Too late. But you didn't say anything stupid in that one.
Haunting stopmotion @evelynevelyn video up on YouTube (via @jasonwebley)
@misshapen_arts It looks brilliant, but I will not be in the UK. Can I send a daughter, who is?
RT @tjcrowley: @neilhimself Help! Need more votes for my company's experiment to find the best comic book cover ever - http://comics.mad ...
@misshapen_arts I will tell @hollyherself... thank you!
@ImaginaryZina I am so glad she liked it!
@tjcrowley sorry #neilwebfail
@LncArtStudios IT DOES! Will get you a photo of me in it...
@travisleland Good luck with it! The world must know about the Emperor.
Interesting article on Jewish Fantasy at

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