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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From Twitter 12-07-2010

@fairuza You should talk to Yahoo about it... You need all your things (or view it as the world telling you to move on).
@pattonoswalt hold on just one cotton-picking moment, sir. Are you actually suggesting that I marry @amandapalmer? #IThinkYouBeOntoSomething
@pattonoswalt I think you need a t-shirt that says that.
@frankincredible Bugs Bunny was racist?
@paulandstorm Hang on. Wasn't that the MonkeyShines spin-off? With @pattonoswalt as the cherub determined to make Neil-next-door happy?
@frankincredible You're telling me that the reason that "Buy War Bonds" ad is no longer on TV is the Al Jolson impression? #AlsoTheWar'sOver
@amandapalmer Sleep safely.
RT my short-lived sitcom career @paulandstorm: @pattonoswalt [P] This is the show @neilhimself refers to:
@colove1 The Profumo affair/Christine Keeler cottage? That's part of history... Hope you're having fun there.
RT @sexualcabinetry: Hey, @neilhimself and @pattonoswalt are having a friendly e-chat. IT'S JUST LIKE THAT SLASHFIC I WROTE THAT ONE TIM ...
Stayed up much too late trying to finish something that still isn't finished. Stopping by to wave and say goodnight. Or Morning. Whatever.
RT @raliel: @amandapalmer & @neilhimself i give you "Marmite, the Black Death" as I am in the uk and we do not have vegemite! http://twi ...
I've been following Matt Cheney's reading of Sandman with interest & enjoyment. This one one broke my heart:
@KatWithSword Say hi to Lev for me #agoodday
@sispurrier I think I wrote about that on my blog when the first Marmite-hitting experiments were done...
@ZombieGirl17 meet @KatWithSword who probably knows...
Went to Paste's 20 Best Cover Songs 2010 list for the @Amandapalmer, & loving the Ben Harper cover of UNDER PRESSURE
On Feast Day of St Ambrose, patron St of Beekeepers ( I find Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Spooky
RT @amandapalmer: @neilhimself look look: miss lady lamb the beekeeper just got herself a twitter: @ladylambjams. 3 tweets and ready for ...
@Geraldsal bees do not fly south for the winter. They clump in their hives to keep warm until spring.
RT But then I couldn't have pointed people to @ladylambjams the beekeeper @nikkigooch:You mean the patron saint of apiarists surely?
@Geraldsal they fly out on warm days. Lots of brown specks on the snow by the hive when it's sunny.
Mortified to discover that I didn't follow @SanctuarySeries, who won the Twitchange auction to benefit kids in Haiti. Blushes furiously.
I am sorry @SanctuarySeries. I will set the Tivo to get and watch it late at night.
@LaMaupin if you follow the YouTube link all will be made clear.
Adding a big plug for @TheTankNYC which "presents emerging artists in NYC by giving them risk-free performance space"
And because former Web Elf @olganunes is pure joy, a final pointer to her magical kickstarter page:
RT @ebertchicago: WikiLeaks hasn't exactly done what its critics claim.
@StuckInACubicle you need Bill Poundstone's BIG SECRETS book...
Feeling all mouth & no trousers on Kickstarter plugs, so just pledged to @olganunes, then to @dharma_punx's uke project
Per the original phrase is"All Mouth & Trousers". But per it's the other way round #bloodyinternet
@glass_tyger74 I'd love that
RT (@TheGuardian chooses sides in "Mouth & No trousers" debate) @absurdabsurd: just learned this today... (scroll down)
RT @Passeriform: @neilhimself I think in American (at least Texan) it's 'all hat & no cattle.' Depends on whether you think trousers are ...
@kabienvenue yes.
RT @tartweeble: In the north east we say "all fur coat and no knickers" if that helps at all?
RT @terrythedalek: I think we should run with this one. From now on I'm going with "all shelves and no books"
@DaveMcKean Is there a film of you doing "May just have to Murder James Blunt"?
Thanks to @jackschofield I have found @davidrmarsh's definitive essay on whether you need trousers with your mouth
@instanttomen gosh! That's me!
There's a great @CBLDF eBay auction going on right now. Amazing original art and sketches by the best
Lots of Perfect Holiday Season Goodies at the @cbldf auction, including this @davidmackkabuki sketch of @amandapalmer
@CtrlAltDestroy - Pride...
@amandapalmer @ayeletw Re: Rosie's monster drawing; pictures or it didn't happen...
SANDMAN Mastermind questions: How many would you get right?

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