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Monday, December 6, 2010

From Twitter 12-06-2010

@Xenjn_Warp alas, I forget how to change it...
@Jack_Mirth no. It will be closer to the original text than the version that was published though.
@KenPlume so glad you enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty amazing, and I was in it.
@MARIADAHVANA one Day I shall try every latke recipe I know to establish the best....
@MARIADAHVANA the very very best latke I've ever had was cooked in an oildrum in a Chinese night market and cost about 5 cents...
"Head Ended". Obviously, I know which book this is. But I have no idea what language it's in. Any ideas?...
Some votes for Finnish and Dutch (?) but the world of Twitter says that it's Estonian. Thank you wondrous Hive Mind.
I do like the idea of Figment, even though it's "deeply embedded in the way teens interact" Good luck @danagoodyear!
RT well. yeah... @hayleycampbelly:That's Neil's house. It's just missing the invisible dogs pawing at the human mounds.
RT @SModcastNetwork: Starfucking Chapter 1 - The Neil/Amanda Interview, w/ @ThatKevinSmith, @NeilHimself & @AmandaPalmer is live http:// ...
You can listen to the @thatkevinsmith interview of me and @amandapalmer for free at Or download it for 90c #ForCharity
@Totz_the_Plaid Not that I recall, no.
Why you should listen to the @thatkevinsmith interview:
@fairuza Oh good. Will send you pig story tomorrow, as I never got to hand it to you...
Just noticed this video trailer of the SF Playhouse production of CORALINE -
Mighty artist @TONYFINGHARRIS has a Kickstarter project, an original graphic novel called ROUNDEYE: check it out at
@bookgrrl I think @amandapalmer's new wallet should be Smoke and Mirrors or Fragile Things, because she likes them...
@amandapalmer Really? Gosh. Also, I love you.

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