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Sunday, December 5, 2010

From Twitter 12-05-2010

@JoanofDarkKnits I guess so. Will I need to get a new assistant now?
@fablor Does that mean I don't have to get another assistant?
@mobiushireen Beautiful. Love the brown ears.
@JoanofDarkKnits obviously I shall miss @fablor. But I will be comforted by the knowledge that you will take care of her there.
@JoanofDarkKnits Is this a good thing? #BaffledAuthor
I like this: @bettymusic are bringing out a wine with @citywinerynyc with proceeds going to 3 charities
Thank you to all the people who said nice things about (big version at #snowdogpix
RT @tw1tt3rart: HAPPY HANUKKAH ✡ #TwitterArt
╱╱╱╰━━ ...
@Amackerb He is. I think he fakes it, but he is still regal.
RT @lomography: We've been wondering... Just how exactly did you stumble into the world of Lomography?
@neverwear you aren't running off to be a roller girl too...?
@tw1tt3rartSAYS it was a great piece of @tw1tt3rart
If I DID do the #gaimanbubblebath pic for @goodbooksinc's ALA benefit calendar ( what should I be reading? #notsaidyes
Arfgh. Too many suggestions.... Can you use #gaimanbubblebath hashtag for Book suggestions, so I can keep track of all the replies?
@paulandstorm Well, if I was in the bath, it would be. #gaimanbubblebath
One from the vaults. @MaxAllanCollins, The Mouse, Mickey Spillane, @therealnimoy & me, Jan 1993...
@limebat there's a Goodies book?
@TOG_Clay I will not risk getting my copy of the Codex wet.
RT @wilw: @neilhimself @goodbooksinc Clearly, Just A Geek, by me, Wil Wheaton. The foreword is especially nice. #gaimanbubblebath
@TOG_Clay I found it in Bologna about six years ago.
@_CorruptedAngel the trick is to take lots of photos you throw away when they move. Look like you meant to do that when you get lucky.
@avec_une_clef I think that it's a Czernobog t-shirt...
Some really interesting suggestions for the #gaimanbubblebath read. But it won't be a) rare & valuable book or b) a naked person written on.
Currently is WAY out in the lead for the #gaimanbubblebath photo suggestion. (Wonders about the sanity of twitterfolk)
Probably you think I'm joking or exaggerating about Invisible Dogs
That was the Vignette Bleach Bypass version. Here's the raw invisible dogs pic.
@harleyyquinn white german shepherds.
@kylecassidy Wow.
RT @kylecassidy: @neilhimself retouched invisible dogs:
@PixelTreason wow...
@LisaRFM you must take that up with @goodbooksinc and
RT [So lots of bubbles -style?] @LisaRFM: No Bubble Bath Pics. You're 50 years old for goodness sakes. Luv ya, but no!
@Innish71 Good Omens, perhaps? Yes.
@ohkayewhatever Oh Good. (Also, more Cabal/Lola pics VERY soon.)
@JoanofDarkKnits hang on - @fablor's coming back?
There's a wonderful article by @MrTeller about Harry Houdini at the Vanity Fair site. Check it out
@kairosrae it is.
@boblaublaw I hope she said yes....
@Gabriel_Dertzer You should read @Mrteller's book about his parents. 1 of the most beautiful, loving books by a son about parents I've read.
@Gabriel_Dertzer is the reference
@amandapalmer - Good luck in the awards, love...
@debcha Which award did she win? She was up for two...
@debcha Oh brilliant. She already had the Female Vocalist one, a few years ago...
Just figured out from Twitter Feed that @Amandapalmer won the Boston Music Awards ARTIST OF THE YEAR. So proud of her I am glowing. #BMAs
@armyoftoys Well, I voted for you!
@SilentAJ I think me reading Milne explains a LOT of my style. Especially The Holiday Round.
@emanuelcr I could tell her to stop doing her homework and go to bed, but that probably wouldn't be very helpful.
@fibunny It's sort of wonderful. So pleased that @Amandapalmer's Boston win has already reached Aberdeen.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY There's a Weeping Angel In My Honey and Other True Things: posted by Ne... WARNING:Contains me

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