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Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Twitter 12-04-2010

It is good to be home even if it is snowing and I find myself walking invisible dogs.
@berniezang soon...
Over at @bookdepository are doing a @DownsEd charity book auction ( is a signed ltd ANANSI BOYS)
@gulceturek wonderful!
@zoeboekbinder come back! We miss you!
@fablor okay. I waked up. I see only snow.
The world has become a giant invisible white dog playground
@jdeyemom glad to have been of service!
@AprilynnePike right.
@fhionn Happy Birthday! Hope it is a wonderful one!
@amandapalmer you may be right. I just counted them. I seem to have 49 black sweaters. #donotjudgeme
As a @cbldf benefit - @PoppetPlanetMe is doing a limited set of South Park Poppets
Cabal standing, Lola hiding in the snow. Winter sunset...
@amandapalmer special you-sewn Xmas sweater will be worn for as much of this month as is feasible.
@MaryHutcheon a Nexus one phone and the vignette camera app. - As people keep asking, it was taken with a Nexus 1 phone using vignette camera app on Velvia setting (to boost
@littlelionariel most villains are the heroes of their own stories.

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