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Friday, December 3, 2010

From Twitter 12-03-2010

@JamieWalton if @allanamato prints up a ltd set of copies of that photo, I'm sure we'd all sign them, & sell them for The Wayne Foundation.
@ArabWriter you must ask #clarion
@ArabWriter I can't see why it would.
@jbooten you are welcome.
@Kemocs when I'm in Scotland Amazon becomes my friend. And even Amazon gets frustrating.
@ilalang_biru you must ask @dccomics
RT @johnmoe: I interviewed @neilhimself about his favorite photography app. You may wish to see his photos. Here they are now: http://bi ...
@sarahreesbrenna we are all fancy.
Just put an undertheweather @amandapalmer on a plane which may realweather permitting get her to SF tonight to see The Wall. Me, I fly home.
@PollySamson you know, that would be the company to see it in.
Landed in snow. Took 45 mins just to get to the gate. Were just told the Jetway is stuck. It's going to be the Donner Party all over again.
@almacdSE1 sorry. Some uk rights issues I do not understand.
@LEG1982 teeny.
@bstiteler it was you!
Leaving airport Verrrrrry slowly in @bstiteler's car. #snowsnowsnowsnowohno
@MollyRobison weather goes west to east mostly ...
@MollyRobison Minneapolis
@danguyf it has a point.
Oops. Try this instead. #cbldf
@GuiBiajo happy birthday
@blytherue I am a What. Yes.
RT @amandapalmer: musician/painter/@Postwartrade-r @dharma_punx is making an album & art w UKES & needs your help...
RT @joe_hill: Oo, also very interesting... RT @thebookmaven: The #FridayReads Top Ten list:

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