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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From Twitter 12-01-2010

Comic Creators (and companies) - Digital Reissue of the 1991 COMIC RELIEF COMIC is happening (permissions needed):
@ohkayewhatever I hope he apologised VERY NICELY.
RT @SaveYGLibrary: @neilhimself Please help us save our library on deprived Wandsworth estate. Cuts will destroy our community.No big s ...
Coming on Monday: @ThatKevinSmith, @amandapalmer & me on #STARFUCKING from @SModcastle:
RT Wow. @MsChicGeek: It's Tattoo Tuesday on Girl Gone Geek Blog - Check out these beautiful #Sandman #Tattoos
@mommyk8 wrong Neil, I'm afraid. You need @actuallyNPH.
@PatriciaBarrera Me.
@atgm613 I'd like to have been on an episode of Just a Minute when Kenneth Williams was alive...
RT @amandapalmer: an excellent new Caption This photo opportunity (the subjects: @neilhimself & my nephew, Ronan.) have at it. http://t ...
@ArielLeslie no.
RT @DeathStarPR: @neilhimself Rebels plan to blow up my workplace. 1.3million people work here. Neil, please tell them terrorism is not ...
A gazillion congratulations to the @CBLDF for winning the 2010 Downs Intellectual Freedom Award!
I love @lomography (See They'll give 15% off on anything from with code NEILHIMSELF
RT It's learning @amandapalmer: i swear to god this hair is not staged. i just looked...and it was like this.
@cambridgegirl sure. No #jewishguilt involved.
RT @BSCreview: Over at @GestaltMash Matt Cheney talks dating as he ponders a @neilhimself Midsummer Nights Dream
@ohkayewhatever oh good.
@princessphd I got it from fritz leiber's 1963 book THE BIG TIME.
@edwartica they are out.
@andrewteichel I am? Brilliant.
@Temptedtoskip you are all welcome!
I leave the house for a few days, and @birdchick & @fablor get weird with honey & weeping angels:
And they ask why I consider @thatKevinSmith to be my monstrous nemesis:
@hayleycampbelly I borrowed @thatKevinSmith's parrot-tongue.
Here @thatkevinsmith gloats, while I am despondent as my flowery wooing of @amandapalmer goes awry. Or something.
And for those wondering about those last 2 photos, they exist to promote & to launch a new kind of charity.
@ruckawriter thank you, Greg. It's such a wonderful book.
@ArtfulMagpie it was only pretending.
@ArtfulMagpie thank you. Hugs are always welcome. #andsandwiches
@JhonenV slaughtered and then, undead, they SERVE at the parties. @Maxmordon

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