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Monday, November 29, 2010

From Twitter 11-29-2010

RT @alexandrak: Are you a fan of both @lomography and @neilhimself? If so, you should keep your eyes peeled on Neil's twitter account!
RT @loki1978de: @neilhimself for fraction of non-US accounts with Kickstarter pledge problem Amazon recommends create new account select ...
@doug_gross Hi Doug - I'm on the road & then on a train & cellphone problematic. Just sent email quote for you to Cat Mihos. Hope it's ok.
@DooneyStudio What I like best is that my hair is Australia @amandapalmer @MapOfTasmania
@asilisis Yes.
RT @neverwear: new @Neilhimself mailbox post up here:
On the southwest chief from LA. @amandapalmer has never done a US sleeper train before. It's an adventure. So is @amandapalmer. I love her.
Great CNN article on KICKSTARTER & The Price Read. Pass it on. RT. & contribute ..
Attention Miami Gainesville and Tampa @JasonWebley
@wilw will pass best wishes on...
RT @LembasEater: @neilhimself If you're really thinking of a 2000-page Taschen Sandman, it could be designed to look like Destiny's book ...
@StevenGould absolutely!
RT @iamwhite: 29 hours and under $20,000 to go! Over $10,000 raised in the last 24 hours! We can save @neilhimself's "The Price!" :D htt ...
@MeiLinMiranda I haven't got the finalists to judge yet.
@geoffnotkin crawley leisure centre. And I loved cast of thousands.
RT @doug_gross: In which I chat with @neilhimself (via email) about @kickstarter & his (hopefully) upcoming film -- ...
RT @HarperChildrens: Enter for your chance to win The Graveyard Book by @neilhimself on @Goodreads! #kidlit #giveaway

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