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Sunday, November 28, 2010

From Twitter 11-28-2010

@gmmmmonk ...and lots of them did.
@Dystopia2009 No I didn't. @nihiofkdi
RT @heidi2524: 65hours left to help fund/promote an animated movie of @neilhimself short story: - only 17 ...
@gmmmmonk "Make Good Art" is such an important thing to me, Grace. It's something I've been talking about for so long:
Talking to @amandapalmer about book of fondly remembered communist period Polish nude photos. Forget title. Friends of Maria? Any ideas?
@nihiofkdi that doesn't say that the book is escapism. It says he tried to use it to escape. Huge difference. @Dystopia2009
@maddyg44 Hi. You're wonderful and I miss you.
@Jack_Mirth beautiful, but no.
@rcgpeake finish things. Then find places that would publish them. And start the next thing.
@TantienHime we are babies! And I look exhausted...
@lunacatd lovely!
This is heartbreaking and it is wrong.
@librarydonna @stephenfry suspect it is already too late...
RT @amandapalmer: win a WKAP book SIGNED by me & @NeilHimself...donate to & FWD your receipt to
RT @amandapalmer: RT @AFPwire To clarify, FWD your receipt of FUNDING to for a chance to wi ...
@pourtal @jedichefsean @amandapalmer not this time as I just noticed your tweet and we're past you. Next time?
@amandapalmer yup.
@walkyouhome of course!
@NadyaKiperberg it was just shown on TV was that good, yes. @Americo76: @neilhimself My thoughts of you and @amandapalmer on #StarFucking @thatkevinsmith
@reidavidson @amandapalmer picked lost cause and the golden age by Beck.

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