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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From Twitter 11-23-2010

@LaMaupin Not sure what your point was, Maria. Mine is that governments and Marriage should part company entirely.
@KellyFireangel Alas, Virgin America avoids Minneapolis and the American Middle as if they Know Something Terrible.
@tinytempest true. But We love Clarion. (And I really liked Octavia.)
@ViviBolin I would be quite a closet magician, I am sure. I think Alan does wardrobes and all sorts of cupboards these days.
@BackpackingDad very wise.
@whittlechris I did. Slowly and with proofreading marks.
@duckorange The brown pen was out, and I proofread.
@scalzi gobble gobble....
RT good lord. It is. @jensaylor: @neilhimself @scalzi the Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! button
Spent the flight to LA copyediting the 10th Anniversary Edition of AMERICAN GODS. So strange, reading it now. Sets my brain bubbling oddly.
Is this actually useful? It's the Amazon list of 444 me-related products....
@jason_t_minor deleted two lines so far, and changed two words.
@IFearZombies: wise woman.
@NFlemingPlays Anything on the first 4 pages... #toughcall
@Quiara Sure. I even twittered about it.
@heybulldawg I don't think that would show up on a Google , would it?
I'm in a hotel room. @amandapalmer is in the same hotel room. She's blogging in a kimono. I'm going to shower then edit in bed. #domesticity
@LadyGreentea for whatever part I played... you are welcome!
@pnume207 How odd. Do I know her, or was it a signing?
RT Humans are precognitive porn sniffers? Really? @forteantimes: Precognition and porn - new evidence for PSI?
@GrammaGerry Of all the odd things I've done to the world, girls named Coraline is the one that delights me the most.
@LameColt you send in DNA samples and several blocks of prose and they figure it out with machines.
Just informed that the parrot gag was@JuliaSegal's
@LameColt spinal fluid. It's a Twitter thing.
RT @juliasegal: If you have a parrot and you don't teach it to say,"Help, they've turned me into a parrot", you are wasting everybody's ...
@sdsolle everybody blames @jimmycarr. He doesn't mind. He's used to it.
I would love to train my dog to say something amusing, but suspect he would stare at me reproachfully if I did.
@adrifcabral no, that's Cabal (pink nose).
@LaMaupin No, you've completely lost me.
@LaMaupin I can't even figure out how that's a question. It seems like a statement to me.
@DeBelle77 White German Shepherd.
@theangrymick His back legs are very wobbly right now. Sigh.,
@SamPiper22 I love my dog too!
RT @CherylMorgan: Fox News poll about trans people and toilets, please vote. #humanrights #transrights
@ThatKevinSmith I am no fiend, sir. Just a man, a simple man, prepared to stand up for what he believes in. Also I like sushi a lot.
@LaMaupin not annooyed. You answered your own question.
@LaMaupin many of my friends who Were Never Going To Get Married, quietly did it eventually, because it made life's paperwork easier.
@f_hart we do this time of year, yes.
@AletaMay exactly.
RT @scifri: this fri, 2-3pm ET: hilights from 2010 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. including appearances by @neilhimself @EvelynEvelyn @improbr ...
@silverain13: that's hilarious. I wonder whether that's Harper Collins or B&N...
@tkemp I am heartbroken. Can we try the test again with chocolates? I bet people can precognitively sniff out chocolates.
I'm patron of the @OpenRightsGroup. Tomorrow's its 5th birthday. Here's a preview of a video I did for them:
RT read it! Contribute! @screenread: Yahoo article on @XtopherSalmon's adaption of THE PRICE by @neilhimself
This is heartwarming. Give a town a library...
@introvertedwife they'd get lost.
RT @sethkushner: About my author photo of @neilhimself Neil Gaiman for Vertigo Comics new Sandman trade paperback collections. http://bi ...
@Nightwyrm actually it tells you that @maddyg44 is a big Abba fan.
Off to the @smodcastle. Have STUFF planned for tonight.
Soundchecking at the @smodcastle. No sign of @thatkevinsmith. Perhaps he has fled in terror.
@Stranger678 sure.
@daryldarko sure.
You can listen to tonight's farrago at when @thatkevinsmith says so. The weekend perhaps?

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