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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

From Twitter 11-24-2010

RT @cannolligirl: @neilhimself all the other students wrote Thanksgiving letters to their parent, but Gus wrote his to Neil Gaiman http: ...
@cannolligirl heart melted.
@MARIADAHVANA thanks you!
The smodcast is going to be LONG. Astonishingly frank @thatkevinsmith interview was about 2 hrs+. @amandapalmer is singing. Then I do stuff.
@holajupiter and vice versa.
@ThatKevinSmith I salute you, my ancient enemy. Next time you shall not escape so easily. #StarFucking (PS It was wonderful.)
RT @amandapalmer: that's what I'm talking about. truth + filth + stories + oversharing +music + love. thank you @thatkevinsmith & @SModc ...
RT @small_town: @neilhimself It's local, but would you mind RT'ing? The Ballard Food Bank in Seattle only has 60 turkeys and over 600 ...
@MARIADAHVANA the package. But I liked the wish on the white horse too...
RT @fjfish: Support the Open Rights Group and maybe win a book by @neilhimself
RT @GestaltMash: at @GestaltMash, @melikhovo shares A Dream of a Thousand Cats in his latest Meditations on the @neilhimself Sandman run ...
@CamelToad it was a joy getting to spend time with you. See, you didn't have to stand in line this time.
@eclarep I'm pretty sure that it's just an audio podcast, although it was being filmed as well.... @holajupiter
RT @dyingechoes: @neilhimself Kevin Smith is on KROQ right now talking about last night 106.7 #jealousofpeopletherelastnight
@GenettaC food banks exist on donations. They need people to donate more food.
If you want to find a food bank local to you, to make a donation - has a Food Bank Locator on the front page.
RT @OpenRightsGroup: Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Still time to join & win a unique signed book from @neilhimself http://bit ...
RT @veela_valoom: the local homeless shelter told me that lots of ppl give at holidays. Jan Feb they really need help! Something to remember
@hayleycampbelly I think you didn't put the Alan and Jack Kirby picture you meant to @GoshComics
@feannekitty I did.
@Seth666: @GreatDismal More likely you have slipped here from an alternate universe. In this one, there is only "separate".
The noise I thought was the people in the room next door having loud sex turns out to be really noisy oinking seals. #YouNeededToKnowThis

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