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Monday, November 22, 2010

From Twitter 11-22-2010

@skottieyoung okay.
@skottieyoung Damn. Tricked. Okay. Will DM.
@zipyrich I think that only works once in a blue moon...
So @jimlee00 & I are now plotting something with '100 Words". I can't tell you what. But the print's still available at
Why today is actually a Blue Moon, even though you think it probably isn't, if you think about that stuff. I think.
@zipyrich There will be more blue moons. ( )
@acrollermom thank you! ;) How are you enjoying Twitter?
@LaMaupin I think the bit that's wrong is that governments have no business in marriage to begin with.
@hayleycampbelly ditto, SGD. Did honey, antlers etc make it back safely?
@LaMaupin me? Or people generally?
@DaveGarber Sounds brilliant. Let me know how it went.
@LaMaupin In the world as it is, tax breaks, insurance, inheritance, access.
RT @small_town: C'mon fans there's another $75,000 to go and only 8 days to do it in! Donate now! Neil Gaiman's The Price: ...
Things I did not plan to do this morning: get new dental impression made to replace dog-chewed sleep thingummy #thankyoulola #hellodentist
@barrywebber no. Well I am now.
@barrywebber Sorry... Not anything I knew about, alas.
Berkeley Breathed, cartoonist, is a great man. And a really funny one. See interview:
RT look! @tinytempest: Today is the last day of Octavia Butler Scholarship drawing.
RT @pcraigrussell: @neilhimself Video of the new color Morpheus piece:
@fablor can you grab a Ltd edition SNOW GLASS APPLES radio play book for Pat Rothfuss's heifer international auction please?
Great article on The Price:
@KimberlyKinrade @LaMaupin if you got all the legal stuff with an I do then the I do would be the legal bit.
@alan_smithee_jr I expect do but @SModcastle knows for sure. @amandapalmer will be there.
I have become spoiled. Am disappointed that this flight will not have internet and power socket. Should be elated. Sigh.
@scalzi NOOOO!!!!

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