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Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Twitter 11-21-2010

Plans for tonight involve an early night, & sleeping downstairs as it's easier on the dogs. (Cabal is not doing stairs well. Sigh.) g'night.
@amandapalmer Have a wonderful Houston, my darling. Goodnight.
@Chelseyblair You just showed up on my Twitter screen as "similar to @amandapalmer". I thought you'd like to know.
@Richard_Kadrey he's on twitter as @leverus
@bra1ny1 just more of the same, I think.
Wake up to discover someone in Houston stole @amandapalmer's phone. Which means I cannot call her to commiserate.
Dear UPI: Beware of homonyms and spellcheckers. Michelle Obama does not cast out demons:
@ohkayewhatever she's on a tour bus crossing texas...
@MsClara she looks more like a giant newt about to go into combat #thingsastridsays
@lilylemony I know. Realised after posted. HOPED NO-ONE WOULD NOTICE, Sigh.
@OracularOrb Any idea where @amandapalmer's phone is, oh all-knowing one?
@olganunes. I think the @oracularOrb thinks I should ask you who stole Amanda's phone.
@hayleycampbelly morning goddaughter. Want breakfast?
@_TMFC_ you can write poems in a moment of inspiration. Not novels.
@_TMFC_ sit down. Put one word after the nexr. And the next. Do it a hundred thousand times, and you have a novel.
Beautiful drizzly day. I hope the temperature doesn't drop 2 degrees. The trees will become sheathed in ice.
What you wear when you walk the dogs around here at this time of year so people with guns don't shoot you
@kbctourcompany he does. In fact, you can see him in the photo...
@BadAstronomer It does. Also, it picks up radio signals.
@indieauthor Neither. They huddle in footballs-sized bee clumps, eat honey and vibrate to keep warm.
@nayes1982 Ah. The devout are always scary.
RT @Suw: @neilhimself orange is so your colour. especially such a delicate, subtle shade as that.
@kwmurphy Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I am avoiding getting shot by wapscallions.
I may reinstall SWIFT on the phone, just to post Twitpic pictures with, right way round and with the captions on.
@Ginnna what a strange question. Why would you even ask that?
@Zonecomicshop No.
@Ginnna I liked Swift best, but it started getting dodgy. So trying out a bunch of others.
@iwan_j_berry absolutely not. Clarity is always best. That would obfuscate. #monocledroppingastonishment
@catacoma Vignette.
RT (The last 5 of a long sold-out print) @neverwear: 5 SAUCERS prints available signed by @Jouniac & @neilhimself
@mvelic yup. Mostly using it now. But it's clumsy at posting pictures to Twitpic.
Listening to the shots from the woods...
@Ginnna seesmic posts the picture. Doesn't put the tweet up as a twitpic caption though.
@JeremyCShipp Not yet. Hoping to...
RT strangely beautiful @fairytalevegas: Weird accidental mash up of sex toys & Coraline outside my job.
@richpilkington Vignette for Android
RT @arwyn: TSA is the DRM of travel. They inconvenience all non-terrorists (paying customers) and seem ineffective at stopping terrorist ...
@atgm613 yup.
@docbrite Chickens! Poppy, get chickens!
@pericula I'm so sorry.
@pericula can you send me john buffalo's email?
RT she was all that @pericula: Norris Church Mailer1949-2010. An exquisite woman: Beautiful as an angel;funny, straightforward, kind & wise.
@hayleycampbelly come back one day. You were nice.
@PennyTheButcher spread it VERY thinly on buttered toast. Use it to add flavour to soups and stews...
@hinionge sure. You can always ask.
@Urrealism I have SO much money for you, Luis.
RT He really does @Wolven: @KyleCassidy explains the important part of @NeilHimself & @AmandaPalmer's wedding
Norris Church Mailer's obituary - We dined together twice, 19 years apart. She was the sweetest lady, funny & nice.
@rosakenny glad to have helped.

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