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Saturday, November 20, 2010

From Twitter 11-20-2010

@Xavier_Ho Was this the tweet about the 19 Dec Sirian invasion Fleet, or haven't I posted that one yet?
@Jenny_Hanniver II wonder what's wrong with people who don't lust after her. #awkwardtweetisawkward
@cherishbloom I actually like Marmite. But it has the wrong number of syllables and isnt as funny in Australia.
@CynthVonBuhler you make me look so pretty!
@fairytalevegas Aw. Thank you.
@undaffodillike thank you!
@fairytalevegas I wish I could be there.
Took @maddyg44 for a walk with the dogs and we stared up at the moonbow and the sky all stars. It was cold. And now it's time to sleep.
@PollySamson I'm so glad I got to help all those years ago.
@fairytalevegas thank you so much! Say hullo to Molly and Stoya from me.
Just showed @Maddyg44 the trailer for the Dr Who Xmas Special (It is at ). She liked it...
@PrecisionGrace Mine will be Episode 3. Somewhere in April.
People: THERE IS A RADIOACTIVE MOUSE ON THE LOOSE! It's time for Hysteria, Panic & All Caps #ClimbOnChairs #TomAndJerry
@StevenGould I know that. I'm not panicing. HAS IT GROWN ENORMOUS YET?
@Bodwell beautiful!
@meghanchall Ahhhh. Thank you!
@violet_fenn No time for that. There is a radioactive mouse on the loose. You should be panicing.
@LillyLyle no, it's funny. I mean, it's serious, but it's still funny.
Over at @Lauriepink does a birthday drawing of my hair. It is not like that. I have very normal hair really.
Happy Birthday @thejillthompson! Everybody buy her Beasts of Burden "Animal Rites" or the complete Scary Godmother as a prezzie for yourself
@JohnMarr nope.
@amandapalmer - Sigh... Beautiful photo, Beautiful woman. (Monday!)
@At0mXII no.
@LillyLyle Have never recovered in what way?
RT @amandapalmer: reminder to VOTE....i'm up for artist of the year & female vocalist of the year in @BMAs_Boston ...
@ferretprincess JANE! Er, hi. (Waves.)
@ferretprincess All's good. I'll see you when I see you next wherever/whenever. Probably next time I'm over to oil the pigs. Big love back.
@FrankEndrullat nope. I wrote Episode 3...
@mazzieemoo older. Exactly the same, if more likely to forget where I put me tea, phone or glasses.
The UN decides being gay is a valid reason to be executed: (And on International Transgender Day of Remembrance, too.)
Oops. Crushed the UN article website in a #neilwebfail. Here's a cache of the story:
@hayleycampbelly But Hayley... the cat's DOWN HERE WITH ME. #footsteps #itisacatnotaghostitisacatnotaghost Also what do you want for dinner?
@hayleycampbelly #imsafeuntiliopenthedoor You're not, you know #whatsonofferdinnerwise Fish. Veggies. Stuff.
@Inkybat possibly.
@hayleycampbelly I'm going to start cooking now. Your call.
@CherylMorgan How do you mean? ANy link I can go and look at?
@chezpim no, it's written by @steven_moffat - my episode is #3 of the new series (in April)
@CherylMorgan point
@hayleycampbelly I'm now back in the house. So if you hear mysterious sounds from below, it's me. Sounds in the attic are cats or AtticThing

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