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Friday, November 19, 2010

From Twitter 11-19-2010

@hayleycampbelly just checking to make sure you're still alive up there. When I did this for Douglas Adams, he brought me cups of tea.
To encourage the Kickstarter of The Price along, I just put up the story, read by me, streaming at -
@macac013 Anansi Boys, read by Lenny Henry. He does an amazing job.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY A Coffee Table Book and why reality is being replaced by small pieces o... WARNING:Contains me
@jonathancoulton @hodgman - This is Ivy's blog of her trip to New Orleans:
@ivyratafia reading your blog at I felt like a proper Jewish mother, feeding you.
@LameColt you don't. You see the ones in front of you when Twitter's on screen and do not worry about the rest.
@abromfie it's only £87 if you buy it directly from Amazon US and then use the cheap shipping option. Still not cheap.
@LameColt I don't try and keep up. Twitter's a river. I step in, I step out again. The river flows on.
RT @kickstarter: Project of the Day: "LAMP," @olganunes' new EP and semi-fictional love story told as music, art + film
RT @mrtonylee: RT: For Children In Need, get all 16 issues of IDW's DOCTOR WHO, signed by me! ALL MONEY TO CHARITY.
RT @raliel: @neilhimself ministry of stories open in East London curated by Nick Hornby i think this i ...
@MsClara tuneful, pithy, smart and effective. Amazing.
@bbfreitas the number is an old DC Comics FAX number. Not mine.
Fun for people in Galway (or within driving distance of Galway). The Lifeline Chicago Neverwhere play...
RT @greygirlbeast: The 20th of November, 2010 is the twelfth annual International Transgender Day of Remembrance. Tomorrow. : http://bi ...
@yousirareacunt I do not know. You must ask them.
RT @neverwear: 13 QUESTIONS w/@XtopherSalmon re:@neilhimself #theprice:
@willowtweet sure! Happy Birthday!
RT Hurrah! @amandapalmer: AWESOME. Artist Rick Berry wins Society of Illustrators Silver Medal for CABARET!
@PollySamson Me too. I want to be him when I grow up. Or older.
Anyone remember Supergran?
@tmcamp none so far. But I put ink bottles into my plastic bag o' liquids.
@tmcamp that's kind of mad. I'd ask for a supervisor if they pulled that nonsense.
@marirandomities thank you!
@angelapgrant you'd need to click on the link to see.
@fairuza I always forget that you were raised in the UK for some of your formative years...
@hayleycampbelly - I don't think my car will ever be ready. Also, what is the giant dancing banana?
@hayleycampbelly If you're still up in the attic, come down & I'll make dinner. If you've been eaten by ghosts I'll still make dinner.
@hayleycampbelly I know. But I didn't see the giant dancing banana. Also @olganunes says I should feed your dinner to the ghosts.
@birdchick insectist.
@may_gun I should certainly hope so
Look! I have a Second Law! It's even quoted in the Guardian!
@undaffodillike let me know how it was once you've seen it.
@max_bell of course!
Well, yes, of course I have a First Law. Here's Mark Evanier explaining it -
@theholmes really funny! Glad to have encouraged you...
@oznogrd delighted to hear it.
@hollyherself - You know, you look better in a moustache than your father ever has. #ButyoulookabitlikePaulCalf
This looks wonderful! Congratulations @ManMadeMoon #sourcecode
@amandapalmer Miss me?

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