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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Twitter 11-16-2010

RT @hayleycampbelly: This evening's entertainment.
I spent today opening birthday gifts & writing thankyou letters. Lots of happy OMGing, but less than halfway through. So many black ribbons.
@Ayers_Elijah yes.
@Ayers_Elijah unless she becomes something else first.
@olganunes but I was born in portchester.
@Ginnna no. But at 140 characters that'll do.
RT @mattleys: Good piece in the Mail - yes, the Mail - about @pauljchambers and #twitterjoketrial #iamspartacus
Tonight @maddyg44 sent @hayleycampbelly a formal invitation: I love my family. #tbbt
RT 2 days to go! @MothStories: Support the Moth with our online auction! Win tea with Neil Gaiman + so much more!
Goodnight world. (It's no longer my birthday. I'm just catching up on present-opening & writing to thank my friends for being themselves.)
RT @GestaltMash: Dream Country begins! @melikhovo talks furballs, Jesse Helms and JC in his meditations of @neilhimself and Calliope htt ...
RT @alamw: Nancy Pearl will interview Neil Gaiman at #alamw11 on Sun, Jan 9, 2-3pm. Yes, @neilhimself and @Nancy_Pearl
@Caliclia yup.
@shaaawwwtyy I've signed a lot of Sandmans at Forbidden Planet over the years.
@scblock I do. Tell me about it (and tell @harperperennial)
I may be in love:
@northernboy73 I'm afraid I use an android phone or a Lomo film camera. Try @amandapalmer or @kylecassidy who rock the iphone camera.
@shaaawwwtyy Weird. No, I've not signed any of that edition (apart from a couple for people over the last two weeks).
@fairuza Should get to Lola tomorrow! Fingers crossed for me.
@SleeplessNights Was this through Amazon uk?
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Drive-by blogging: posted by Neil

Right now I'm flailing a bit. Trying... WARNING:Contains me
@elisamaza76 of course!
RT @brainpicker: "They're not looking for liquids, they're not looking at your shoes. They just look at you." How Israel does airports h ...
@emmyrossum Emmy, are you in LA now, or off somewhere shooting?
RT @budgie: With @neilhimself's ok, here's the story I wrote for him as a 50th birthday present.
RT @amandapalmer: best. interview. ever. snark-fest john lydon in top hat being followed by children. (thx @neilhimself) ...
In light of the current concern over TSA "groping", check out how @Pennjillette dealt with it in 2002
Just heard that Paul "Gamma" Gamble died. He helped me so much when I was a starting journalist. One of the great characters of UK SF. Sigh.
@_SuperKate_ - God. I love and or miss you. Both.

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