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Monday, November 15, 2010

From Twitter 11-15-2010

@paulandstorm At least we'll make the world know... #guitarthief
@cheshirekit you're welcome
@jakeslappy you must ask him.
If you haven't watched @olganunes' kickstarter video for Lamp at you really should. All the way to the end.
Surprise Performance Art Flashmob wedding. Was it legal? Obviously not. Was it real? It felt real then, & still does...
@lightfantastic agreed.
@ayeletw You have the most amazing kids not mine in the whole world. & a pretty wonderful husband. & you're fantastic too. Nice family...
Learning about the star of the SF Playhouse CORALINE Stephin Merritt Musical:
@VictoriaPaege I don't know.
@DweebComic you must ask the director.
@gredge you're welcome...
@alancfrancis that is because it is hard to be surrounded by Jason Webley alone.
@VictoriaPaege Um... you could ask @neverwear?
@psychopomposity brilliant!
@amandapalmer me.
@fhionn it really was.
I have the best friends in the world:
@TashaRobinson sounds like Chapter One. In Chapter Two you find how hard it is to throw the bear away. & then it gets worse...
@stevenmitchellw beautiful blog Steven.
@stevenmitchellw thank you. You would have liked the wedding bit, I think. Maybe Melbourne or Tasmania or Sydney in Jan?
RT @sarahsalway: Oh me too! RT @Danoosha I want Something Beginning With by @sarahsalway to be Twitter's 1st no 1 book (@neilhimself) ht ...
@Fabraquasereal yes.
@andtracee happy birthday
RT @MsClara: Yeah! #POTBBC NEWS! We're now doing MUGS & SHOPPING BAGS along with T-shirts & hoodies. All your Xmas presents sorted! http ...
Just got my copy of John Hicklenton's powerful final book, 100 Months. Proud to be on the cover:
Oops -- last tweet should have contained this picture and this link
@shotbykim thank you!
If the 100 Months link was #neilwebfailed for you, try
Read @xtophersalmon's latest update: over $60 K raised so far to @kickstarter #thePrice. He needs you to get involved
RT @hayleycampbelly: No, @neilhimself really did go all William Tell on me, but thankfully not William Burroughs.
@Celebr8nGenr8n Yup. That happens. My 1st publisher went bankrupt owing me thousands on my 1st book. My 2nd secretly remaindered my book.
RT @vitorapaiva: Ok, this is just awesome: @stoya cosplaying @neilhimself's Death.
RT Why I love her. @amandapalmer: @neilhimself this is your daily reminder to stop tweeting and write a book.
@onecheekyhobbit No, I'd gone home.
@jorhett I'm realy liking it.

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