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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From Twitter 11-17-2010

Just got Paul Levitz's "75 Years of DC Comics"(Taschen). It's huge, weighs 15lb & comes with its own carrying-handle...
@Knittress Sure. Talk to @neverwear...
@cannolligirl he's a great artist!
@ManMadeMoon you must hire someone to carry it for you, Duncan.
@thechickenchic BRILLIANT
@wilw He really did. And I hear you'll be introducing the next collection of his fast fictions...
Right. For anyone interested, puzzled or confused by my Wedding Pictures last week, Amanda Explains It All:
@ChiaLynn they did!
Here's the wonderful @kylecassidy Wedding Album, showing how to impress an unwitting author (don't all click at once)
@SleeplessNights Oh good! Glad they will find homes!
@MidnightRem none at all.
@cherishbloom thank you!
@wilw Like @budgie says, that doesn't include the title. The title can be as long as you like...
@carolineholding Sometimes 4000 miles away is closer than across the road.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY The Wedding Mystery Explained: posted by Neil

I went to New Orleans an... WARNING:Contains me
@wossy Happy Birthday, young'un.
RT @HarperChildrens: Watch @neilhimself interview, um, himself. Writing advice galore! #graveyardbook
@SDuPreeBemis hugs.
One of the many reasons I love librarians. One turns a library into a Graveyard (Book) Walk:
@njosnavelin714 National magazines probably screw less. Honestly, I don't know. I stopped writing for magazines 20 years ago & that was UK.
RT @IntNorbertCon: remind folks the Doctor Who Xmas preview is to help raise money for a great charity?
RT @jimlee00: Pls help out new filmmaker Christopher Salmon make a gorgeous animated graphic novel based on @neilhimself's-The Price htt ...
@cysticfibrosisM sure. talk to @fablor #cysticfibrosisUK
It is already, in England, the birthday of the #GreatestLivingEnglishman. Happy Birthday Alan Moore. Best wizard ever. #andnotontheTwitter
@simondyda yup. That's because I forgot to reset my computer from east coast time.
@runforthequiet Computer still on East Coast time.
Oops. Computer still on East Coast time. Actually Alan Moore will not turn 57 for another 35 minutes. And then Glycon will rise.
@Suw I love it. It's how I learn words. What pisses me off is when they use archaic or obscure words, and use them wrong.
@zeldawilliams best Zelda ever. #NotSoSecretSecrets
@greythorne and it makes the goats happy.
Yes! This time it really is the birthday of the #GreatestLiving Englishman! Happy Birthday Alan Moore! #AndProbablyGlycon!
@slovobooks yes, but did you use the #greatestLivingEnglishman hashtag? I think not.
My friend @mitchbenn wrote me a song as my birthday present last week. It's wonderful. And funny. Listen to it at
@Amackerb but you can always comment. All that following gives you is DIrect Messages, dear Amacker.
@oracleofdreams afraid not...
@Ana_Garcia_NaLu ask @mitchbenn...
@Shiniholum christmas
@Amackerb PS: I open your present tonight. (I've been rationing them out, a dozen a day, since I got back.)

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