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Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Twitter 11-14-2010

@Chelseyblair we love you too Chelsey. Wish you were here. And @Cassandralong says hello too.
@GinaGlenn took them back already.
@GinaGlenn you are welcome!
@acdf I know. Tell Delta.
RT @BSCreview: over at @GestaltMash: @melikhovo's completed mission through the @neilhimself Doll House. On to Dream Country! http://bit ...
@WallaceN they did!
Taxi driver just told me there was no such place as airport Hilton, and showed me the list of airports his GPS had given him to prove it.
@DavidJWellman damn right you will... that's a lot of words!
Such an odd night. Slept on a couch backstage then in a bunk with @Amandapalmer on bus now off to hotel to sleep the last 3 hours in a bed.
@lelisa13p I did. It worked.
Taxidriver drove me to a bank and said "the Machine says here" Me: points to high building with big red Hilton sign on top. "Maybe there?"
Congratulations to Sarah Salway who probably gives me much too much credit...
And so I bid farewell to hootsuite, which has not posted any of the last hour's tweets. Anyone recommend good android Twitter apps?
@DaveGorman then I'll start with twidroid...
@DaveGorman oyd. Not oid.
Looks like the suggestions are TweetDeck, twidroid, and touitteur, with seesmic trailing. Brilliant. Thank you....
@Kufat I would like it more if it could cope with paper in pockets. Also accidentally went through with blade in pocket patdown missed.
@spacedlawyer not on the phone.
@MorganModjeski really? I like watching my iPhone friends get jealous of apps like Vignette.
On plane filled with people whose planes were canceled yesterday. Cannot wait to get home & introduce @Hayleycampbelly to the dogs & snow.
@melagee just left swift as it kept trying to post fragments of tweets after whole tweet was posted.
@jpsacko a nexus one
RT @fridayproject Something Beginning With by Sarah Salway has gone Top 500 on Amazon Kindle since Neil Gaiman tweeted about it this morning
The post New Orleans lagniappe is almost done. Now driving home with @fablor & @Hayleycampbelly who is impressed by the white cold stuff.
@hayleycampbelly I was. I always sleep on planes.
@Marjorie73 No.
Here we see the lovely @HayleyCampbelly missing her first Midwestern snowstorm because she is asleep
@larrymarder beautiful!
@KellyFireangel me too.
@TDurden75 vignette for android.
@Nylons no, vignette for android on bleach bypass.
Mr @slovobooks has an eBay auction going on to cover his medical costs with some amazing stuff in it
@amandapalmer What...? But @jaronsound seems so nice...
The wonderful @bethofalltrades sent me this link - - to a tattoo in my handwriting. Strange for me, but beautiful.
@oznogrd buy from reliable places, like DreamHaven Books or the @cbldf and you know it's real...
@PsychicOzma thank you!
@amandapalmer it is such a good thing that it came out as "not to sharpie" in the end.
@Kambrieldesign and that is why I love you.
@Nemone7 I was thinking the same thing.
@amandapalmer did you notice that my hair was asleep in that photo too. I didn't know hair went to sleep...
@KaH_was_taken Oh, she's written on me while I slept, but always in eyeliner.
An amazing @kylecassidy photograph of the aftermath of the New Orleans Birthday Wedding Surprise. Joy unbounded....
@PrecisionGrace odd. I can see here there just fine.
@BenGallaty probably not...
@AurRhudd and in front of my loved ones, yes...
Chicago peeps: Stolen at O'Hare airport, a Martin DC-AURA guitar belonging to [S] - Storm - of @paulandstorm #guitarthief” (Please RT)
@deadlightsgirl Ah, but you were my first.
@MauiDrilon thank you Maui!
@qmuser I do not know, but @paulandstorm will...

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