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Saturday, November 13, 2010

From Twitter 11-13-2010

@broomperson it's a long night and I'll be around for all of it.
@fairuza yes. We will get together.
@jennywithanIE you mean there was someone I DIDN'T tread on?
@Valya wise.
@CherylMorgan sooner or later we will do the legal version.
@amandapalmer I love you #rockandrollidiot. Do not break any other bits. Travel safely.
@LameColt that was bad
Winter storms want me to stay in New Orleans. Now I know why @kimboekbinder warned us in song that the Big Easy was not easy to leave.
On a plane. Getting home will be an adventure. But the week I was in NOLA was the best of weeks and worth it all. #winterstormytravels
@BenGallaty ah. It will take longer to get home.
RT @shinyee_au: Love this post about @Xtophersalmon @neilhimself's The Price & why @iamwhite felt compelled to pitch in
Just successfully astonished @amandapalmer who didn't realise that winter storm had stranded me in Atlanta overnight. Now more @DresdenDolls
@TheatreGeekAmy she did even better than that...
@MeteoriteMen so good to introduce you and Libby to @amandapalmer as well...
Snowstorm stranded me at Atlanta's @buckheadtheatre with the @DresdenDolls. Looking forward to tonight's gig. (Still some tickets 8pm doors)
I got a YouTube Birthday Card from a Russian Theatre Group Doing CORALINE:
@NotoriousMadtom in what way?
@GinaGlenn you have to find me!!
Backstage eating salads with @HayleyCampbelly and @Fablor. Tackling the birthday wishes email mountain. People are so nice.
@tng1420 not if you're English, it's not.
(For the VERY PUZZLED. The snowstorm that stranded me here is in Minneapolis. Where planes are not landing. So I am here.)
@NotoriousMadtom it was a wedding, and a delightful surprise.
@CaptTu not the ones I am meant to be on. They are cancelled.
@electricityska I'm afraid not.
@ThatGirlLil sorry!
RT @screenread: Read our interview with filmmaker @XtopherSalmon on his CG-animated adaption of THE PRICE by @neilhimself Neil Gaiman ht ...
@mkazoo wonderful!
@NotoriousMadtom Are you asking, was it a legal wedding? No. But it was real.
@scottmccloud so glad you are out!
@TheatreGeekAmy not a problem. I think we're pretty much married at this point. Sooner or later we'll make it legal. #jumpedtoconclusions
@jane_anon I am looking after an amanda with a hurting toe.
Given that it's National Novel Writing Month, here's my now-traditional Week 3 Pep Talk:
@drsketchyphilly really? Which issue?
@GinaGlenn I'll go and hang with Casey Long and get it. #DDavl

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