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Friday, November 12, 2010

From Twitter 11-12-2010

@fairuza exactly! See you around Thanksgiving ...
@Valya not sure.
@TrixMinx alas tonight at Dresden Dolls is last night.
@larrymarder it was so magical seeing you and Cory.
RT @amandapalmer: @jonathancoulton & @neilhimself at café beignet
Visiting @scottmccloud in hospital, with @ivyratafia & @olganunes.
@mollycrabapple I want to see the results!
RT @mollycrabapple: I am so stoked about the upcoming Dr. Sketchy's Philly with @stoya as @neilhimself's Death. Well done geekgasm, Ste ...
@mollycrabapple Yes. YES!!!!
RT Matt Smith speaks! @UpperClassTwitr: DrWho ep of @CraigyFerg tuesday 16th!
RT @birdchick: Lovely! RT @olganunes: Photos from Wed night: frolic, merriment, @birdchick @neilhimself & moi.
@tomabba me?
@liiiz_love it is all in the Books.
@liiiz_love I am afraid I don't do homework for people.
@oryskid the Craig Ferguson show.
@gabisampaio gaym'n
Backstage with friends at the (now sold-out) Dresden Dolls show in New Orleans. End of best birthday week ever. It was practically perfect.
@medge42 talk to @fablor - she had some extras I bought for friends.
@theradwolf contact @_superkate_ and she may be able to help you. We love the hat shop.

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