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Monday, November 8, 2010

From Twitter 11-08-2010

Watching @docbrite showing @amandapalmer her snakes. You don't get to tweet things like that too often.
For the pictures or it didn't happen folk... @amandapalmer falls in love with Ziggy, @docbrite's ball python.
@NaomiHouser start tomorrow xx
@zionastar no, she draws them on
@MidCityBaby no but if you have a book on you & see me at the Dresden Dolls gig on Friday I am sure I will sign it.
RT @amandapalmer: at @docbrite's house. the natural food chain in action: snake, cat, writer.
@TimNeill I feel like I have unwittingly contributed to joy.
@sdmf83 you must ask @docbrite for it is his python.
@amandapalmer Always take Neils into antiquarian bookshops.
@Javthompson beautiful!
RT good to know. @snickclunk: finally, sf playhouse coraline tickets available for sale = just made my monday feel like friday!
@marklidstone go to the NEW SCIENTIST website
@healingmachine I just followed her into a bookshop. It wasn't my fault the bookshop man wanted to talk about Cabell and Ernest Bramah.
@Knittress no it is @docbrite's
@KurtBusiek wonderful.
@russellfranks that makes me smile.
@JamesStraus Matt Cheney 's sandman meditations
@SevenForASecret old habits die hard. I'll get there eventually.
@flowersandfun thank you!
@kittymoran nope.
RT @BenZvan: "The rare @neilhimself in his natural habitat" RT @amandapalmer: today's Caption This photograph...
RT Brilliant! @shinyee_au: Nice @io9 writeup about @XtopherSalmon's adaptation of @neilhimself's "The Price"
@acrollermom oh good!
@healingmachine Kai Lung. every time.
@KimberlyKinrade you are so welcome!
RT every little helps... @newageamazon: There's a write-up on @Buzznet as well, sadly not getting much attention
@KimberlyKinrade so happy!
@BuddhistKnight you did!
RT @docbrite: Snake blindfold: @amandapalmer already posted one cute pic of @neilhimself & my python Ziggy. Here's another. http://yfro ...
Dozing off last night after magnificent Commander's Palace dinner. Cats slept on me. Then @docbrite's python...
@mhandy1 thank you!
@g33kgrrl it is.
RT @gadiac: @amandapalmer - As the TARDIS took off, The Doctor was unaware tha Neil Gaiman was still in the li ...
@ARF_MTRLGST sorry - I think that having posted this link - - I should NEVER GO THERE. It would be wrong.
Love this article about @terryandrob
RT sure. Easy. @capearce81: Would you RT this to your followers? Trying to get a set of Sandman trades for my class:
@pnh oh yes.
Another reason to love Marmite! #lovesmarmitedoesntloveneonazis
@BeatGirl the irishtimes one, or the plea for books?
@kerwynschroeder Stardust was the most fun to read.
@wombat1974 How many neonazi parties has Vegemite taken down?
@BeatGirl Hm. In case it got truncated, try
@FiendAngelical not going somewhere else on the internet? Yup, I can do that.
@cluelessmim it's always worked for me.

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