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Sunday, November 7, 2010

From Twitter 11-07-2010

@sakuralovestea yup. And the rest of me too.
@PolitelyOffend thank her for me.
@Stevenbogart sorry about the nightmares. But I like the coincidence.
@madahne they never do.
@RedLisa05 he should ask my agent. Details on my websites FAQ page.
@Kambrieldesign it wasn't an option in my case.
@LyneChongY2 we took alternate words.
@agmena you were!
@lbenson2 Hurrah
@becaolivetree black and white and grey are not colours.
RT @sugaredarsenic: #theprice at kickstarter has 517 backers, but is only 18% funded! You can help by backing it here:
RT @amandapalmer: it is indeed time to start the new book. @neilhimself is taking the plunge and Testing Pens.
RT @comparedownload: let's give @mitchbenn another push 'I'm Proud Of The BBC' for No.1 #POTBBC
@mahlemedved yup.
@OhLookBirdies among other things. But I need to see if it's a good pen for signing tours.
RT @amandapalmer: @belril he decided on two cleo skribent fountain pens: a colour & a Classic. I bought them. fair trade. he bought me a ...
RT @frozensummers: Oh look: @amandapalmer with @neilhimself at the sydney opera house on Australia Day 2011
@with_headphones paper. Since stardust in 1994.
@Molly23 more or less. You always hope The Pen is waiting for you

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