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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Twitter 11-09-2010

@helgapearson lovely!
@catacoma thank you!
RT @the_murphy: could you please tweet on behalf of the Monsters Project sketches being auctioned to benefit the CBLDF?
RT @leahlibrarian: Please help spread the word to help a small Chicago area library win $10k. We're big fans! :)
@ScaryTrousers funny you should mention that....
@mistressmousey yup. I posted that the day it went up.
RT @Amasea: My friend has $1000 and 5 days to go on her Kickstarter project, a book about Nepal refugees. Please RT?
@mistressmousey I'd rather see it too many times than miss it entirely.
@PrecisionGrace I have everything. I'd wish for my family and friends to be happy, but unearned happiness would be a poor thing.
@PrecisionGrace Am getting Birthday wishes from Australian friends already...
@thingsgretasays: I could tell you the answer, but then you'd never sleep again, Greta.
RT @BillCorbett: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different burritos". -- Bob Einstein
People asking what I would like for my birthday. No idea. What if you bought yourself @mitchbenn's PROUD OF THE BBC ?
@alexdecampi not a lot. I read the wikipedia article on it.
@alexdecampi ah... got it. Fascinating. It's beautiful.
@alexdecampi <g>
RT @MorbidJackanory: can you help us to #SupportUKHorror ? Setting up events for authors& want to take over the world
A photo-gallery of Death at Hallowe'en:
@briolson I do my best.
@dyingechoes Yup. Not very impressed with it. But not impressed with other side when I learned they were harassing advertisers.
@faqqa not really. The trick is to find someone nice who'll like you, and take pretty as a bonus.
I wonder if sticking #neil50 on a hashtag would help me keep track of birthday wishes. ( probably not.)

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