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Sunday, November 7, 2010

From Twitter 11-06-2010

@lindasusername I'll read it. And yes, those things were so huge.
@ChrisLikesPie I have done, yes.
@lentower thank you so much, Len. It was good to see you there.
@electromagnate But it's already made its Kickstarter goal.
@cannolligirl that's wonderful.
@lbenson2 heartbreak indeed. YOu could put out a call for card-reading help - or for other #HotR galleries that you may be in.
@CosmicRiot I may be a bit busy that day. So happy birthday in advance.
@electromagnate I get that, but I'm trying to push Kickstarter projects that haven't yet met their activation amount. It seems fairer.
My @SPINmagazine article is now up and readable on mobile devices:
There're medical surveys on this site for all medical conditions, & it's an automated form. Doesn't make it less funny:
@KatWithSword thank you!
@bigbadchang I didn't even try to be objective. Sometimes, subjective is all we've got to offer.
@ohkayewhatever pictures of dogs waiting for you. Did I mention that to you and Nora already? I bet I did. I am old. Forgetful. Where am I?
I thought I would never, ever, under any circumstances, post anything about Cooks Source again. I was wrong.
@amandapalmer love, if you want people to see that who aren't following both of us you need to put something in front of my name.
@kimboekbinder it isn't the same without you sitting on my lap, teaching me ukulele chords on the Reeperbahn...
@hayleycampbelly - Why am I not surprised? #theoddcouple
If you were at #HotR, @lbenson2 (Esmeralda at costume party) lost all her photos. (Disk corrupt) Needs pix of her & daughter. (Reply to her)
@Maudelynn Figbash. How can you even stop to wonder?
@benjamincyanide you are very welcome #HeroThanksSaturday
@2ndStreetBaking are there people out there foolish enough to think advertisers knew?
@2ndStreetBaking that's appalling.
I could not resent the TSA gent who just took all my bag contents out, because he found my missing pen and iPod.
Also he admired my Dalek electronics bag & said he had a remote control one. I still felt that he should buy me dinner before that pat down.
@smashthings I don't but I am sure there is a network of people who will know as soon as shooting starts.
Reading @2ndStreetBaking's tweets about attacks on Cooks Source advertisers is saddening. It's Ellison's 'Man Who Was Heavily into Revenge'.
@olganunes there is no reply I can make to that that isn't a crude double entendre.
@2ndStreetBaking sigh. Idiots.
@olganunes class.
RT @BowedOak: Some of us are donating to the foodbank listed on 2nd street baking FB page #goodmakesupforbad
@ohkayewhatever glad it helped.
@stephanievozzo happy birthday!
@mistressmousey dinner AND a show. And maybe flowers.

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