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Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Twitter 11-05-2010

@CassandraLong Hey Melodramatic girl. Is Danni spelled like that? I'm putting you both into a Spin article...
@bluemaiya I nearly forgot!
@CassandraLong oh good. check your email.
@PollySamson I'll catch it on listen again. Good luck. You will be wonderful.
@screamingturnip she doesn't out her son at all. He's 5 and he wanted to be Daphne for Halloween. It's about play, not sexuality.
@lnaturale proud of you!
@amandapalmer mixed. But I wrote something new and honest and good, and I talked to you before you slept, and those things balanced it out.
@omewan too much.
I wrote about Stephen King's new book, FULL DARK,NO STARS, in the Guardian. They've put it up early at
@dohop yup.
RT @shelfmagazine: Shelf Unbound talks #fridayreads with Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) in our new issue: ...
Remember, remember the fifth of November: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. Perhaps I will have a very small bonfire here tonight, just because.
@PolitelyOffend - I bet that could take out a thousand zombies. Easy. Right, @thebloggess?
@ditty1013 it ought to have ended "I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot."
A small happy thing: per, @amandapalmer is reading the massive @armisteadmaupin Barbary Lane collections I gave her.
RT @MothStories: Support the MothSHOP Community Program with our online auction! Win tea with Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) + so much more! ...
@Jackanaples Nope. Every few years. That way it never feels like a duty.
@theresa_who thank you!
@LKHamilton thank you!
RT @imogenheap: S'gonna be AMAZING! Please don't miss @loveearthfilm! Webcast opens 6.30pm, show start 7.30pm London time. ...
#FF @armisteadmaupin (read his new book! read his old books!) and @mothstories...
@ahab99 theer are no hedgehogs in the American Midwest. Well, not unless they're pets.
@mkazoo I do!
RT @amandapalmer: in case you missed the evening with me and tristan allen, december 12th at @BerkleeCollege. on sale NOW: htt ...
What did I say about the world turning into a bad novel? It's also turning into Mission Impossible:
@munshun you're welcome
@tara_oshea not tonight
Great blog on procrastination, and why you do not need my gazebo:
RT good. @raliel: have you seen this? Uk copyright laws under review
Time to winterise the hives.
@QuixoticHoard so far, yes.
@mkazoo it is!
@Blue_Bathrobe plain. They're mostly Minnesota Hygeinic.
@Pr1mr0se fingers crossed.
@jdeegz it is.
@efinebloom It is, at that! @USAToday
Nice to see Geekosystem write about The Price Kickstarter
@sanctuary4kids You're welcome! And you are doing a great job!
@ReneeHarper I'm afraid your URL doesn't work. #SaveKristie
@small_town thank you!
That was fast! I wrote this yesterday, it's up today. Reflections on the Dresden Dolls hallowe'en gig via @SPINmagazine
@ArtfulMagpie I think that's James Patterson. If I did that... well, there would be a lot more books out there, and fewer frustrated editors
RT Aw. I love you Ivy! @ivyratafia: Spent about 3 days writing a birthday post for @neilhimself. It is here:
@TheRocknSkull I don't think I could have done it any other way.
A bit gobsmacked by the responses to the @spinmagazine article. Thank you all so much.
@TheatreGeekAmy They were great! And they got me through the last 45 minutes of that signing. #HoTR
@schwalks you're right -- I'll email the Guardian about it.
@acrollermom wrong Neil, I'm afraid. You need @actuallynph
A few people seem to be having trouble with Spin link. The full link is
@acrollermom I write stuff, mostly.
@acrollermom thank you. There's lots of stuff to read up at
@zoecello thank you, Zoe.
For anyone unable to read the @spinmagazine article, they seem to be having trouble with their mobile site. But it is
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY A gallimaufry.: posted by Neil

Last year, the winner of the Moth aucti... WARNING:Contains me
Hypno-dog commands you to enjoy the bonfire.
@Fallen_Woman I'm sorry.
Here's a working mobile version of the @spinmagazine article from Google cache
@sandeepmeher was my name on it anywhere /
@sandeepmeher as they are.
@lindasusername nope.

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