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Friday, November 5, 2010

From Twitter 11-04-2010

@juco theoretically it's uploading from the phone to youTube as I type this.
@PolitelyOffend I'm so glad. It was nice meeting you all.
@JeAxra I didn't mind at all.
Wondering if we can get a few more people to like the @mitchbenn PROUD OF THE BBC song facebook group
Look! @ebertchicago has discovered the peculiar genius of @HarrySKeeler :
So a shadowy organisation is trying to buy the UK & a lord spills the beans? Ah, the real world is a bad novel:
RT @frootjoos: @neilhimself @bkbybk needs your help to refresh school libraries in California #literacy
More on the Mysteries of Foundation X at the Guardian Blog: I think it's T.H.R.U.S.H.
@IntNorbertCon do not be dissin' David McDaniel. THE DAGGER AFFAIR is my Bible.
RT @CBLDF: CBLDF Counsel Bob Corn-Revere analyzes the arguments in Schwarzenegger v. EMA
RT @scalzi: Editor steals story; when writer complains says writer should be thankful: Cooks Source, you suck.
@dychri it's meant to auto tweet. How odd.
@DaveMcKean don't stop listening or posting. I'm enjoying thus.
@paulandstorm it was me, wasn't it?
#Tweetyour16yearoldself. If I told you all your dreams will come true that would take the fun out of it. So I won't. But you'll like Amanda.
@illadore you're welcome. Let me know if you get an apology. Also, file copyright on your article. It gives statutory damages.
The automatic tweeter that puts up the blog link forgot to put up the last one, perhaps because the title was too long:
Interesting. Per this Facebook posting @cookssource is not new to plagiarism .
RT @AccidentalKate: @neilhimself cookssource's twitter is likely a fake. Opened this morning, first few tweets were questionably ironic.
@dernjg already posted about @cookssource
Looks like @cookssource is a fake account. Real magazine though. More or less.
@nataliefisher maybe. I mean I'll definitely be in TASMANIA! Will I be also in AUSTRALIA, though...?
RT @Mike_Donachie: @neilhimself People are now plaguing Cooks Source advertisers with calls and emails. Can you Tweet an appeal for calm ...
@lauriepink I suspect he'd reply "Well, I KNOW that." #tweetyour16yearoldself
RT @laraeakins: Is that @neilhimself wearing a monkey hat? Yes. Yes it is:
RT @jackschofield: Silliness - @stephenfry "sets the record straight"
@olganunes It has been mine for a long time, and I wear it walking the dogs.
@birdchick oh dear.
RT Hoping this counts as "Use your powers for Good" @birdchick:Your tweet is news regarding the Cooks Source incident.
@JohnSkylar that's up to a court to say.
I'm not sure if the auto-tweeting thing is working right now, so here's an IMPORTANT new Blog post. Just in case:
Just heard that Marvel's released all 8 issues of 1602 for the iPad/iPhone Marvel App: and go hunting
@SDuPreeBemis Me too! Also wish I could be there. Sigh. Have a great gig!
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY The Price of "The Price".: posted by Neil

There is a man named Christophe... WARNING:Contains me
The weirdest thing about is that she does not exaggerate a single thing. It all happened exactly as she says.
RT @mmaddencomics: RT @joshneufeld: USA Today reviews Best American Comics 2010 (guest editor @neilhimself)
If you're getting a #neilwebfail on @theBloggess's blogentry, try the Mirror at WARNING: CONTAINS MONKEYHAT
@ryanlibbert is the Marvel App out for Blackberry?
@healingmachine I'm so pleased! #AllHallowsRead
A quick reminder: I do actually say the quotes at in the interview. Even the one about using Beavers to fight zombies.
@joe_hill @hollyblack @Shmuel510 @justinelavaworm Unicorn horns skewer straight through the brains of 5 zombies at a time. Unicorns are MEAN
@iansadler_ @antheaneads @amandapalmer I think that one felt private too.
@unprettiest_one thank you! It is good to be vindicated.
Excellent research and round-up of the current state of play of #CooksSource Plagiarism Scandal -
Too much negativity out there on the web today, so here's a post I found inspiring (slightly sad, but still inspiring)
@NaomiHouser home. bug me tomorrow.
@fairuza me too.

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