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Thursday, November 4, 2010

From Twitter 11-03-2010

@mc_frontalot I just made it up as we went along. I could have prepared?
@smceballos they will never believe you.
@himalia sorry....
This is @donttrythis at the afterparty. It's not an after party really. We're in a bar sitting in a circle.
RT @BSCreview: at @GestaltMash @melikhovo goes Into the Night, finds Josipovici in his Sandman Meditation
@doctorgalloway just lucky I guess
Huffington Post do a pictorial report on American Gods at the House on the Rock (SLIDESHOW)
RT @oneringzero: @oneringzero's author CD w/ lyrics by @margaretatwood and @neilhimself is now available in Japan from @moorworks http:/ ...
RT @comparedownload: RT @neilhimself @RealDMitchell let's give @mitchbenn another push 'I'm Proud Of The BBC' for No.1 #POTBBC http://bi ...
Singapore readers, vote for @magicbabening as life's good ambassador:
@amandapalmer will there be goats?
@PennyTheButcher oh good. He is a happy sock monkey.
@poxypigtails not at all...
Congratulations to my old friend Bob Schreck! And good luck to Legendary as they enter the dog-eat-dog world of comics:
@liiiz_love it's just a rumour at this point I'm afraid.
@oznogrd I don't know if it's online anywhere or not, I'm afraid.
@Ars_Zoetica #NaNoWriMo
@liiiz_love it's an English expression. That is a politer way of saying that it is just a rumour.
Loving the Dresden Dolls live in Boston gig over at It's wonderful. There's a chat stream too.
@with_headphones Not to worry. But thanks.
@fairytalevegas It kept throwing me out of the chat. I took it as a sign.
@_rubberducky_ she really is.
@Eveningsdawn I could see the stream, but it lost me as a participant a couple of times and I couldn't be bothered to keep logging in.
Great to see pushing the Fan-created THE PRICE Kickstarter - (& @XtopherSalmon is the man behind it)
@MilkieJoe not to worry.

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