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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From Twitter 11-02-2010

LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Not the post it ought to be: posted by Neil

This ought to be the post abo... WARNING:Contains me
.@MitchBenn's song "Proud of the BBC" is up for paid download. If 1 in 100 of us bought it, it would go straight to #1
@amandapalmer Dear Ms "I can pack in 5 minutes". I have your clothes, eyebrow pencil & vitamins in my bag. Love, your bloke.
Misread online calendar, missed plane, all-sorts of kerfuffle. But @fablor has rebooked me and I will not miss W00Tstock in Austin tonight.
@FredChukkawakka Why?
@amandapalmer the ones on the chair in the corner. They weren't black so I knew they weren't mine, so I just stuffed them in my suitcase.
@amandapalmer You're suggesting that I walk out onto the stage at W00tstock tonight with LOVE scrawled in eyeliner on my naked chest? #uh-uh
@sixdeaftaxis Nope. This time just the Being An Idiot And Reading The Wrong Line problem.
If you're in NY on Nov 9th, check out this amazing benefit with @thelittleidiot (Moby) & @DJSpooky:
@AleishaAliAbdul No, we don't do that any more.
@strangebride That would be really kind of you... @Fablor can help.
@pockster Let's get Mitch to #2 for now, then...
@AleishaAliAbdul I'm so sorry. The whole "replying to individual fans on twitter" thing had to be cancelled. We're hoping to reinstate it.
@8MonthMalfunc give me a few days and remind me -- it feels like I'm pluggin too many things right now.
@zajen Not sure what you're asking...?
@zajen sorry. Wish I could help.
RT it is! @mistressmousey: Great journal post w/pics on #LowKey Gathering of the Gods at #HotR:
RT he has a point @ricktimus: Neil Gaiman is on a griffin. Sorry about your argument.
@Cap_howdy yeah. We no longer have the personnel to manage that service.
Plane about to take off. Warn @paulandstorm that I am still coming.
@paulandstorm plane pulled off runway to "do paperwork". Is this a euphemism? Will I ever get to Austin?
Plane sitting on the side of runway. "I know I said it would only be a few minutes an hour ago. I'm not a liar, just an airline employee."
The plane is full. The plane is hot. We have been on it for an hour. Babies are crying. Now we return to the gate... #stopsayingmomentarily
The paperwork was solved, the plane took off 90 minutes late. Now as long as it actually lands in Austin, I'll make it to W00tstock.
@Punkrocdoc But if I were travelling with a girl, she would be in the seat next to me, not Headphones Man.
Congratulations to Gregory Hughes, who won for the Booktrust Teenage Award for Unhooking the Moon! (looks great!)
@autojim @paulandstorm @donttrythis @molly23 @wilw @hardwayjones I wish I was there.
@KaywinnitFrye So glad I could help!
If you're in San Francisco, The SF Playhouse is doing the CORALINE Musical Nov/Dec/Jan -
@olganunes He is not in it. He wrote the songs.
A small Halloweeny Webcomic I really enjoyed:
@Bryonli Stop twittering and write?
@sugartank Her name is Claudia Gonson...
We will land VERY soon, the man says. I wonder if it will be in Austin. #w00tstock
@dumdidav There is. It is a terrible thing.
@TheBloggess See you in the intermission? (Am landing RIGHT NOW.)
@emilyterrible I really liked it. Both the story and the storytelling .
@StripperTweets I was but now I am careening towards w00tstock.
RT @RedPenOfDoom: Thanks to #w00tstock and @neilhimself, I now know the ASL for "elephant spunk."
RT if elected I will not take up office @GoodRandomHouse: Just wrote in @Neilhimself for 'Lord of the Underworld'.
Much of my task at W00tstock is now done. There are rumours I need to assist @paulandstorm during the second hour of the Captain's Wife song
@lipglosszombie give @amandapalmer my love. Tell her I am rocking the guyliner.

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