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Monday, November 1, 2010

From Twitter 10-31-2010

RT @amandapalmer: RT As a thank you for 10 years of support, get The @DresdenDolls' "A Is..." for FREE: + More surp ...
@magicbabening thank you Ning!
@Anxst it was wonderful.
@acdf i heard! The word is on the streets of yesterday, not the mention the Carousel room.
@joyousandjuicy nope.
@e_sophia You know, I was extremely disappointed in the lack of bribery and corruption in the costume competition.
@Mama_Kath I'll see you there.
@phdaisy it was good!
That was the best Hallowe'en costume party that was ever held in the history of the whole wide world and forever. #incaseyouwerewondering
@theticktockmann I was playing the Chainsaw for the Boston Pops for their concert last New Year's Eve. The photo's from the rehearsal.
@dubbins you are welcome. And congratulations! There was a lot of love around...
@amandapalmer I love you and I miss you and I'll see you tomorrow. No, later today. I love you. Did I say that? Have a wonderful hallowe'en.
@manikpixi I am sure that @parsley72 is correct. Obviously my PR person is in love with @amandapalmer's PR...
@sakuralovestea I think so, yes. I'll find out again when I'm back there next year.
RT @how2whistle: Slightly blurry picture of @neilhimself the moment he first saw the crowd from the carousel. ...
Oh. I've now got over 1.5 million followers. You are all amazing and thank you and now I have to sleep. Will explain celebration tomorrow.
For all the "Pictures Or It Didn't Happen" People: @Neverwear's photosblog of the costumes and the party - LotR
RT @monkeybrigade: Unforeseen benefit of @neilhimself 's #allhallowsread idea: from bedlam to eerie quiet in seconds! ...
RT (Video footage of auctorial joy) @TheNewsIsBroken: @neilhimself rides the #HotR carousel #lowkeygathering #HotR
RT @HarperChildrens: Happy Halloween from @neilhimself! Watch his spooky greeting here:
@Cavalorn I don't.
@poirotonflute it was an amazing costume. Hope you get pix. #hotr
@lunggwai they were amazing costumes.
RT I loved these. One night only... @jennybento: i got shadow's card from esmeralda! #hotr
@tjoshae you're welcome.
RT @clarasayre: @neilhimself - some of the book donations from my work (@halfpricebooks) for #allhallowsread!
I just wanted to say thank you to over 1000 amazing patient people who came to #HotR & to its owners and staff. (How do you top that?)
@jpderosnay Hurrah for #allhallowsread
Now I fly from Milwaukee to New York to see @thedresdendolls in concert for the very first time. Excited.
Oops. It's the @Dresdendolls. Sorry. Now they close the plane door and I go for real.
@FiendAngelical I will!
@_lisa_a thank you!
@clarasayre you are welcome
@littleredwolf I came by but you were making music. Thanks so much!
@artkitten it was!
@Urrealism aww. So sweet of you.
Like several other couples on Twitterween tonight, my fiancée and I will be dressed as @amandapalmer and @neilhimself.

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