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Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Twitter 10-30-2010

@mlberry cannot wait to see it...
@carlrigney they were astonishingly nice. Even when they got cold.
@FlisLeonard I'm sure you will!
@deadlightsgirl so good to see you!
@theEndless wish you were here
@brooligan not to worry. The twitter is all a bit random anyway.
@vampandora I hope he enjoyed it.
Day one at the #HotR went really well. Signing went until about 1 am though. Everyone was nice. The talk was fun too. Braindead sleepnow.
@WalterSickert brilliant -- I'll tell @danguyf about it!
If you go to you can watch a video of me in my library plugging #allhallowsread (Please RT)
@amandapalmer love you, darling. Well done.
RT @jawboneradio: Happy Halloween! @NeilHimself's #GeekAWeek card is live: cardback: podcast: ...
I am sort of awake. Also sort of dressed and shaved. But I am REALLY not a Morning Person. Now -- breakfast... #HotR
RT @danguyf: is attempting to stream. (Broadcasting live at

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