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Saturday, October 30, 2010

From Twitter 10-29-2010

@ScaryTrousers Anyone dating @fairuza would be lucky, as she's great, but I'm not one of them. We've been friends for about 15 years now.
It's Very Much A Work In Progress but is now up and running! (thank you @Olganunes & @danguyf)
@celebcauses I support the @CBLDF,,, @RAINN01, & a few others.
@Knittress I'm about to head down to the basement library and look for duplicate copies of scary books...
@jeskalee I will...
@therealjanisian I kept thinking of the Spinal Tap movie there, and wondering how fast you get through them, and whether they combust.
I love this YouTube video. When I was 17 it fed the Neverwhere part of my head. (Now I love the kids following him.)
@olganunes you made such a great website Olga, so fast. Thank you.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY It's he.........eere....: posted by Neil

Pssst. This is now up and runnin... WARNING:Contains me
@jessicabeck you're right. It does. That's bizarre. I'll let @danguyf know.
@EcstasiaStudio well done! 60 people did.
@Hilarymackelden I wish it were.
@calamitycalls we will!
@Hilarymackelden It's not a royalty. It's paid out of a government fund. If the fund shrinks, so do the payments.
@StrigExLibris second hand books are cheap....
Off to the House on the Rock for an American Gods Hallowe'en. #HotR
@The_Ghostwriter <g>
@amandapalmer possible designers? Good Fucking Design Advice Store
@amandapalmer how about an arty campaign. eg "Nothing says FUCKING like a big orange moose"?
Cat and mouse.
Not sure if this posted. My suggested poster for the @amandapalmer perfume campaign.
@TheMooseheadCom see previous photo of giant mouse for details
@cysticfibrosisM sure. Contact my assistant @Fablor
At the House on the Rock resort. In my room, the best gift-basket in human history. #HotR
@bethofalltrades I had already bought you one as a gift. Perhaps I will give it to your boss when it arrives.
Just gave my first #allhallowsread book: a copy of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE by Shirley Jackson to @JoanofDarkKnits
Was shown around the House on the Rock by the people who make it work. Sheer unadulterated pleasure. Now to nervously prepare for reading.
@ckunzelman given the mixture of people I saw in the House on the Rock lobby, you're probably also not grandmotherly or alien enough.
@Dynomoose just got a "Content unavailable" message from Facebook...
@Dynomoose too late. I'll be off the internet in about 30 seconds, and my cellphone is dead here.

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