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Friday, October 29, 2010

From Twitter 10-28-2010

@Celebrity_Greed because if I clicked follow on everyone who is following me (1.5 million times) I'd not get any writing done. Or twitterage
@danamhuff me too.
RT @little_prof: #allhallowsread contest prizes include books by Adam Rex, @neilhimself, and @JonathanMaberry. Prizes will be awarded b ...
@backblaze I will -- as I say, saw nothing but good things.
If you were thinking of being Death for Hallowe'en, here's a make-up Tutorial:
@HayleyFiasco why aren't I there?
@librarythingtim none of mine.
@HMcElhatton That was so much fun! And well done!
@Kelly_McC it is noble of you. Come over and wave though.
RT @mary_russell: Ms King and I support your idea of giving a scary book for Halloween. Information here:
@ReaderlyPerson I like the very end best.
@sorchas_swans I'm glad it helped.
RT brilliant! @EvilWylie: Print-your-own gift tags for @neilhimself's All Hallow's Read: (via @BookOrTreat)
@cabbey that's wonderful.
RT. Fame at last @jawboneradio: To celebrate Halloween, author @NeilHimself is added to the #GeekAWeek deck as No. 35!
RT a Death make up tutorial on YouTube @GingerLujka: this one's better via
@JaydonD No. What an odd question. What made you think that?
RT @so_she_writes: Lost Book Girls: Don't Scare the Children? Or, why kids need 'scary' books like @neilhimself 's G ...
@JediAnastasia I can see I'm going to be collecting Death make-up tutorials. @Paul_cornell, surely you have to do this too, now?
@JaydonD No, still not getting it. You mean that they didn't name him for a few weeks? That's very common.
@stevenmitchellw you should. She's a great singer-songwriter. Also she's in Cabaret right now at the ART, if you get to Boston.
RT @TheAceHotel: Your web mirror saved a cached version of your interview. The living, breathing thing is here:
@evilrooster and wasps, beetles and spiders. Somehow I felt sorriest for the spiders.
@BundyVsFace you're welcome!
@KingFfree I can't imagine that anyone at DC Comics would sue you.
Beyond make-up tips, here's a whole HOW TO LOOK LIKE DEATH Tutorial at comicsalliance
@janayafe I do not know. I did just learn that you don't want to do a google image search for Desire Cosplay with safesearch off, though.
@stevenmitchellw I hoped I could make you smile.
@SeleneMSC Just being generally helpful.
RT I believe it is #HotR @Jodyth: Is there a hashtag for this wknd's American Gods event?
@thatpetewoods I thought it came out really well. And it was fun writing lines for her, after all this time.
RT har a bitter attempt at humour @lauriepink: I've also made a How To Look Like Death tutorial! I drew it myself!
@weeping_angel omigod. I was posting youtube makeup videos.
For writers in the UK, this is just a little bit heartbreaking: #PLR #IAmTryingSoHardNotToHateTheCoalition
@Max_Wallis I didn't. I was willing to give them a chance.
@sarahnwondrland yes. I will either come dressed as a writer, or disguised as @amandapalmer's bloke.
@michellewitte hugs.
@DennisMLane if they do cancel PLR, it's fully heartbreaking. Canceling the PLR-administering organisation is a little bit heartbreaking.
RT @PhenixandPhenix: Still deciding which #AllHallowsRead books to give out this weekend? Here are our suggestions:
RT @CowboysIndians1: Cowboys & Indians magazine is giving a copy of More Spooky Texas Tales to one of our tweeps tomorrow #allhallowsread.
@pinkraven nope! #AllHallowsRead
@TheFireFaerie I'm grateful. It was seeing it over & over that convinced me. #allhallowsread
@olganunes I DID! You are brilliant! Call me...
@TheatreGeekAmy quality control is such a good thing @clarkeocrinus
RT @mahlemedved: @neilhimself #AllHallowsRead was such a great idea! Dad got Haunted, Mom got Something Wicked This Way Comes & I got De ...
@tinyj you were one of 60, and it went to @yhop, the first person to suggest it... #allhallowsread
@tinyj but thank you! If 60 of you hadn't suggested it, I might not have picked #allhallowsread
@indeciSEAN I did! already twittered it. @LtRandazzo
@lorwen I wish the US had #PublicLendingRight. So damn civilised.

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