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Thursday, October 28, 2010

From Twitter 10-27-2010

@DaveMcKean you have no idea how happy it makes me to know you're singing I Google You.
@phdaisy Actually, yes.
@WoodsmanHans her plane back was cancelled due to high winds. And the shelter in the dog run blew out of the dog run...
@wralph dunno. Do a search for my name and Mozy and you'll see many thumbs down.
Moving illusions from @Newscientist. Impossible objects made real and moving:
@Kambrieldesign she really has.
@dharma_punx I dunno. People of all genders have said it to me for 25 yrs. I never view it as more than "I like your stuff" @beatonna
@backblaze thanks for the advice. Everyone said nice things about your service.
@backblaze Thank you for the offer - @crashplan leapt in before you, pointing out they are local AND fans, so I'm taking them up on it.
Cloud backup services - I'm going with @crashplan because they seem really nice and they are ridiculously local. Will report back.
According to the weather site those last gusts of wind, when the power dimmed, were 55mph; and when the wind is done the snow will begin.
RT @CurseoftheD: Laugh it up. Then think of us as @neilhimself feasts on yr ideas. @TheBestKirby's 10 Writers that WILL probly Haunt You ...
@TheBestKirby hilarious ghosty piece. Now retweeted.
@wilw I am glad the house is huge and brick. It lessens my chances of waking up in OZ tomorrow.
Before I sleep, @Fairuza Balk has just self-released a haunting song called STORMWINDS. Ltd art single etc
@DaveMcKean of course. Video it for me?
RT @HeyOscarWilde: [Tumblr] 17 Panels About @neilhimself (9 of Which Are True) by @scottmccloud and Ivy Ratafia (circa 1993) http://bit. ...
(via @scottmccloud & @ivyratafia) It is remarkable that nobody ever correctly guessed which panels of were true/false.
@ivyratafia @scottmccloud And I was not guessing.
@Madison_Woods I do not know. might help...
@gadgetguy @dimortuisunt no, that was @evanier's suggestion. I would be much too embarrassed.
@gadgetguy I was saying People Did It and it worked for them. I never did, because it embarrasses the heck out of me.
RT @HeyWhitney: I heard @neilhimself is giving away books to trick or treaters, so I handmade my own little books to give them! http://b ...
@dimortuisunt having two things on the go tends to work best for me.
In 510 followers' time there will be 1.5 million people, dogs, AIs and spambots following this account. Still pondering ways to celebrate.
@alierakieron I do not know which panels I'll be at. Depends on scheduling, where I have to be when. Will play it by ear.
@cdibona wise counsel, sir.
RT @kylecassidy: @neilhimself we can all jump at once and send the earth hurtling into the sun. Hmm, maybe not. Cake perhaps?
@nortonmouse I always forget the mice.
RT @BrianKeene: @neilhimself Celebrate by asking each of them to contribute one dollar to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund?
RT @DeathStarPR: @neilhimself We can provide the fireworks, Neil, just point us in the direction of a planet that's been giving you trouble.
@briolson in 140 characters? It'll be all "On a wet day in 1985 I stood by and watched as Big Louie and the Piltdown Boys broke into the Bri
RT @bobthecheese: @neilhimself That just means that you've beaten twitter (The final boss is @wilw). Start again, and find all the secre ...
@rclarkie YARGH!
@rclarkie It's always the way, he said, philosophically. (And this time I can't put it back in the novel.)
I just discovered my bees are quantum. They're quantum, I tell you! #pinchofsalt
@theroseinbloom I'm not teasing you. I haven't seen it either. And I want EVERY ONE OF MY WORDS & SCENES TO GO IN! Um. (poor @rclarkie )
@MeteoriteMen say hi to Geoff's dad from me...
@nataliefisher I know that Natalie. It's that Eau de Spambot perfume you wear that first gave it away.
@injuryexpert dept of maths, university of texas arlington, per the magic of google...
@urizen2000 my nuts?
@SDuPreeBemis - Ah. That's wonderful. (When I am king, ALL nightclubs will be decorated with @amandapalmer).
RT & good suggestions in comments @lbenson2: let's celebrate 1.5m by donating books: site with some great suggestions:
@miss_mu Yay!
This is your occasional reminder that you can watch/listen to me reading the whole of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK for FREE at
@DominicBeal Head out to the Oberon, either buy one or (if sold out) see if anyone in the line has any tickets to resell #LNFC
@biancaBDR it is.

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