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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Twitter 10-26-2010

Hah! I knew it! "Bees' tiny brains beat computers, study finds" [via @guardian] Now to wire up the hives...
@midnightpages sigh and do it.
@katiesisneros how big is the dog?
@katiesisneros mine are about 80lb and love the snow and the cold down to about -10 degrees.
@WoodsmanHans proving what many have long suspected. @Real_Hulk is in fact an elephant:
Dear Twitter Hivemind, What's the best cloud-based backup service these days? Backblaze? Carbonite? Sugarsync? A.N. other?
RT @Ihnatko: @neilhimself guests on "Arthur," sits in a falafel, and explains the 3 words all writers want to hear » ...
Stephen King endorses #AllHallowsRead - over at
@MaluBVargas it's probably location specific
And the Washington Post Blog talks #AllHallowsRead with great lists:
@healingmachine thank you so much! There were 60 of you who suggested it, & I sent the signed book to the first...
Beautiful photographic images inspired by The Graveyard Book:
@Slythermint sorry
@MadameMirage I never will.
@thegirlroaming Nope. That's my dog.
@iguano88 Will do.
RT @MsClara: Fascinating! RT @Aug24: @msclara I have a graph for you and Mitch. I got cross reading some of the YouTube comments. http: ...
@akaSylvia The person who put up the blog post says the collection of photos was inspired by the book, not the individual pictures.
@maeliejade I think that a lot of people are going to be asking me that from now on...
Pondering Washington Post's #booksthatfreakedmeout. The last one was Dark Feasts by Ramsey Campbell. After reading it the world was weirder.
A few small Hallowe'en thoughts from a few years ago, from the New York Times:
@iamchoppah I enjoy Ligotti's stories but cannot for the life of me see any connection between his writing and Ramsey Campbell's.
@MARIADAHVANA I wish TED Klein would write more... #booksthatfreakedmeout
@MeteoriteMen @Deisha88 Geoffrey, I might only be A Neil Gaiman. THE Neil Gaiman could be someone else.
@QueenoftheBerri Me too.
@iamchoppah Songs of a Dead Dreamer, the Nightmare Factory and a host of short stories in Years Bests etc.
Thank you all for the information on cloud backups. (Dropbox won for 100G or less. Mozy got many NO votes.) Investigating other suggestions.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY "Neil Gaiman? What are you doing in my falafel?": posted by Neil

Outside ... WARNING:Contains me
(No plans to use Dropbox for a full backup. For a start, there's a lot more than 100Gig to backup. But I'll probably use it more than I do.)
@ElfinErrant The "Don't use MOZY" warnings from the world have been coming through loud and clear.
@kaelee I do not know.
RT @shirleyschmidto: Aussie @neilhimself fans can see him in Arthur at It's episode 19, only 4 days left.
@JSLyster So glad! See you at WFC.
@yoav85 @vagabondguitar I do. It's pretty useless if I'm working on the other side of the world.
@fairytalevegas yup. If the planes work.
@sandyarmstrong I do. Not much good for when I'm on my AIR on the road.
@foster63 that's my feeling too.
@kyriolexy Hullo @kyriolexy's university?
@foster63 sure.
@Lucas_Pont I'm glad you are a fan. I hope you will get used to my ignoring you.
@VagabondGuitar Now explain why that's going to be easier and more foolproof than, say, backblaze or crashplan.
@CapnChapman yup.
RT @Hiveofactivity: @neilhimself might you be willing to RT, please? NGB boardie has (due to broken truck) spare HoTR ticket -contact ha ...
@ggumboots i do not know. I will find out.
@emilyrowan after JBC and King Arthur's dog.
RT @Mjausson: Lola, @neilhimself's young, white German shepherd, discovers the pleasures of leaf piles. /by @birdchick
@frednoris007 it will be fun I hope.
@iamchoppah I hadn't really thought of Ligotti as being influenced by Ramsey Campbell, but I guess you've convinced me.
The wind howls & gusts. Stopped walking the dogs when a tree cracked loudly, started to fall on me & was stopped by another tree in the way

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