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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From Twitter 10-25-2010

@grr_rar I did. But what a fine typo that is.
From @Evanier's blog last month, a wonderful piece on Writer's Block and how to cope with it.
@SaylaMarz I know. Best typo ever.
For those of you who watched #sherlock_pbs, Holmes Annotator @lklinger annotated it on Twitter. Go to his ID and read and marvel.
@JosieVenture Sorry if it took a while. I tend to forget about for months at a time.
RT @improbresearch: How microbes get passed person to person — @neilhimself to @amandapalmer to an innocent child
@Noah_Slauson Do you like other things I've written? If not, then I'd hazard that my writing isn't to your taste.
@Jon_cybernet 1996, I think.
RT @comicsoncomics: From our friends at @cc2konline: A new contest for @neilhimself's All Hallow's Read, including branding. http://bit. ...
@purplefroglet brilliant!
@DimsMyShine I wrote Delirium before Tori entered my life.
@dmcordell it was? What was I doing?
@indeciSEAN @Shakti672 and why I didn't pick it...
Today my ARTHUR episode broadcasts. Which I should have reminded you about earlier. Sorry. #falafelosophy #probablytoolatefortheEastCoast
@LPcomics you can!
On Wednesday Nov the 3rd, in St Andrews Scotland, a lecture on SANDMAN and Theology. Wish I could be there.
Lots of people telling me Arthur is on (or on again) in the afternoon. Check your local listings. #itHasMeAsABlackCatInIt
@Marjorie73 I don't. If anyone at CbbC knows I'll post it here.
@fduncan Nope. All Hallow's Read...
@JanineHJones Wow. I have a proto-goth facade. #beamswithpride
@devanidarling BWAHAHAHA! World domination one infant mind at a time!
FASHION TIPS: This season, @fablor can be seen wearing a @MitchBenn PROUD OF THE BBC T shirt.
@MamaDeeinTN falafelosophy
@ToxicityLevel Not sure how you could recolour a whole graphic novel accidentally #Sandman
@ToxicityLevel Early Sandmans were coloured for newsprint, but are no longer printed on newsprint. And sometimes miscoloured too. #Sandman
@VashtiLives @yhop did.
@TheMagFields possibly the cutest baby in America.
@dmcordell great looking bag!
RT for a good cause! @cleolinda: Of particular note, the auction for a John K. Snyder III Sandman sketch.
RT @cleolinda: @neilhimself Fandom auction to help @foresthouse pay for her clinical trial eye surgery:
RT @deadlightsgirl: @neilhimself If Arthur ep is missed today, people can have their tivos quest for it. Mine will deliver on the 26th, ...
I want this for my car:
People asking where they can get the @mitchbenn PROUD OF THE BBC tshirt I posted earlier. You can get it here:
I completely #neilwebfailed poor - really sorry. I will start using the Mirror bookmarklet. I really will.
I want to test the resilience of the new #neilwebfail mirror: Can everyone click on (It's @theacehotel's interview) NOW?
@olganunes which one?
@mbdrake is that yours Martin?
@mathsie it's cos she's secretly a boy
RT @Salanth: @neilhimself Could you encourage all your Torontonian readers to vote, please?
@olganunes Do NOT give @lauriepink ideas.
@joe_hill Thank you! I just added it to my blog.
@birdchick could've been worse. Could've been a Hey Girl.
RT @joe_hill: Blog post up on the subject of @neilhimself's idea for #allhallowsread:
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Not Wearing My T-Shirt and vibrating ducks: posted by Neil

Despite (possi... WARNING:Contains me
@bardic_lady there were 60 of you who suggested it. Great name, thank you... #allhallowsread
@AubraD how?
RT @YellowstoneMatt: Good read in @OnEarthMag: New Research Shoots Down Justification for Wolf Hunts:
RT @joe_hill: If you like the idea of @neilhimself's #allhallowsread becoming a tradition pls tweet on it, or retweet 1 of the posts on ...
@Matth3ous Yup. @mitchbenn will sell his t-shirts to ANYONE.
@NukeLuchins No, I just couldn't work out who anyone was meant to be. @amandapalmer
@NukeLuchins Possibly someone could do a Left-to-right who's who on it?
@lauriepink Oh evil Laurie. @olganunes only enocurages you in your wickedness and villainy.
@AndresOnion <grin>
@mistressmousey I love a really good, crumbly white Wensleydale, but they are hard to get in the US.
@wilw You are welcome. Have a wonderful time on #BigBangTheory. Remember, there's a mirror universe in which Sheldon has the #evilbeard.
@jillerickson thank you!
@vampandora mostly no.
About to see a nervous @maddyg44's 1st orchestra concert as 1st Violin. (Maddy: "Are you going to tweet that photo 'cos don't.")
@tonydangerfield Heartbreakingly, you were not first. In fact, according to Twitter Search, you were 38th of 60. #sorry #but thankyou
[Right. They've got the site working again, and I've mirrored it. So this may work]. WHAT I WANT FOR MY CAR. (top left)
RT @biggayicecream: Dear @DresdenDolls fans: please read, then GET YOUR ART ON. cc: @am ...
@ayeletw there's the moral victory of going there every week and glaring at them.
@Cassidy_Finn good lord.

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