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Monday, October 25, 2010

From Twitter 10-24-2010

@baxtertown Er... the pride of submitting the winning entry? The knowledge that if you'd got in just a few hours earlier, you'd've won?
@justkristin I don't know.
@Void50 great!
Was asked if the T-Rex face under my right eye in was photoshopped in. No, it's pareidolia. (Or proof I'm a dinosaur.)
@larrymarder I think we all see Marc Bolan everywhere...
I like being home. Heading off to bed, leaving an un-wake-up-able daughter sleeping gently on the sofa. Goodnight world. Goodnight @maddyg44
RT @medinger: My Response to @neilhimself 's Modest Proposal:
RT (Some great scary book suggests. Leave more in comments) @medinger: My Response to @neilhimself 's Modest Proposal:
@raliel Always.
@MrBillyBones very wise! @medinger
@zenfrost probably not. It's about 70 mins. Why not try the audio books of anansi boys or Stories?
@timjohnbyford that's up to Bob Zemeckis...
@kaascade the @CBLDF has some for sale. And I think @bethofalltrades has some.
RT @KatWithSword: Inspired by @neilhimself, here is my Evil Plan to give one of you a Scary Book for Hallowe'en:
@chocl8girl I am glad that the flesh eating microbe went to a good home (@amandapalmer )
Just a reminder about the @sanctuary4kids Auction at Money raised helps kids in crisis.
Harlan Ellison is selling his 1st Typewriter & looking for a Museum or similar: for info for sale.
@rclarkie YARGH! (The sound of a nervous writer being nervous.)
@ohkayewhatever Will put lots more dog photos up for you. (Their sizes are so similar, it's easiest to tell them apart by nose colour now.)
I mentioned my Claudia Gonson song "Bloody Sunrise" yesterday but forgot to say @michaelhearst played instruments @hypem
@sakuralovestea I don't think so. Want me to ask @amandapalmer to put it up on Bandcamp?
@crazy_brit you could! It could have been psychic spillover from the SuperPilots on your iPod.
@masterpiecepbs I saw it through Nefarious Means when it was broadcast in the UK. And I loved it. @BakerStreetBlog
RT @PBS: RT @masterpiecepbs: Less than an hour until #sherlock_pbs begins! Who's excited?
EVENING PRIMROSE, 60s Sondheim TV musical (from the John Collier fantasy story) is finally coming out on legit DVD -
@fablor talking of skulls reminds me: now I am home, we need to send the ART box to @KingofCorpses.
RT @BookOrTreat: Poll: are you on board with @neilhimself's suggestion to give books for Halloween?
@theroseinbloom I noticed. You were one of 60 people who suggested it. You just weren't the first.
RT From Songheim's EVENING PRIMROSE. Wonderful. @lnaturale: There is a clip of "If You Can Find Me, I'm Here" online:

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